Okex updates. Paid giveaway but you can't withdraw it (yet?)

By CryptoGem | CryptoAuthor News | 28 Oct 2020


Welcome to a further update on the Okex case. Follow me to don't miss the latest. 

Exactly what title said. From last updates from team, you can find here

UPDATE: Oct. 27 at 1:00 pm UTC
Withdrawals on OKEx are still temporarily paused. The security of user funds is our top priority and all user funds remain safe and unaffected. We are working to get the platform back to full functionality. Please check this article for further updates.

After about two weeks, withdrawals still paused(!)

The good(?) news is that "OKEx Exclusive $500 ETH Giveaway on Publish0X" has been successfully paid with only a week delay:

10$ giveaway transaction

Another good news is that, at the moment I'm writing it worths around 10.5$ (5% profit, big bucks)

The bad(!) news is that obviously lucky winners can't enjoy this big gift cause withdrawals are still paused.

WHY have been withdrawals paused?

OKEx users found out that they couldn’t cash their chips early Friday as the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange was ‘arrested.’

Mingxing Xu, also known as Star Xu, was reportedly being questioned by police, Chinese news agency Caixin reported today. The news from Caixin came shortly after OKEx issued an “Announcement on Suspension of Withdrawals” of crypto assets on its platform, meaning no one could get their money out. The company’s digital coin, OKB, fell nearly 11%.

For further informations, follow this Forbes link:

We will still be waiting with "unwavering patience" as like as the Okex support said and inform you on the latest changes.

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