Being Tipped On Twitter With Hive By HiveTips

Being Tipped On Twitter With Hive By HiveTips

By ervin-lemark | Crypto World News | 21 Nov 2020

Wow, what a title :)

I'll try to explain this as straightforward as I can ...

@hiveTips - with it you can give tips to people's posts on Social media platforms.

Like on Twitter, for example:



This morning I was tipped by @hivetips personally. Later I installed the Chrome extension to see it for myself.

The grey Hive logo under posts is the result of the extension and your link for tipping. Install the extension and try it out :)

The introduction to the HiveTips service.

FullAlt home page



The fine poeple at FullAlt


You are doing great!

I am looking forward to AltYes :)

Better and better


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