By Versus | Crypto tips & trics | 2 Sep 2020

5th part of my series of articles on the subject how to "INVEST IN THE CRYPTO WITHOUT MONEY". Previously I presented you how to earn some crypto by changing your browser and using certain platforms (social networks, blog, streaming, video, faucet, earns and airdrop,).
Here I suggest you use PRESEARCH. It is a decentralized search engine that allows you to earn crypto (PRE).


1/ To start you will have to create an account on their website 


2 / Then download ADD ON on Chrome Web Store to install it on Brave (or Google Chrome).


3 / Go to your Brave settings> Search engine> Manage search engines
Add PRESEARCH to the list of your search engines by filling in the field "URL with% s instead of the query" with this url


Now your Browser is ready to receive 0.25 PRE for each search you do with your browser (check that you are logged in to their site).

Theoretically this trick should allow you to recover up to € 20 of crypto every 4 months.

While waiting for this corner to be listed on other exchanges, you can resell them on Kucoin (sponsorship code: 1u6awou) or HitBTC exchanges.


I will be publishing the 6th part of this series of articles "INVEST IN THE CRYPTO WITHOUT MONEY" soon because there are still many ways to recover crypto for free. If you have not read my previous articles I invite you to do so if you want to optimize your earnings.
If you are still not registered with Publish0X and you find my tips interesting I suggest you register via this referral link

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Crypto tips & trics
Crypto tips & trics

This is the translated version of my french blog "Astuces cryptos". I share my tips on how to earn free cryptos. Sorry if my english isn't perfect but i use google translate.

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