What's next with EXODE? Meet the Suntek!

What's next with EXODE? Meet the Suntek!

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 24 Jun 2020

In my last article, I've introduced you to the two iconic robots featured in the eXode Alpha Collection. With these cards revealed, the collection is almost complete and only misses one final piece. Back in late March, eXode announced some promo cards that each of the games earliest backers could choose a single copy of. Each of these cards represents a minor faction in the eXode universe and I am going to introduce each of them to you in the coming days. While the first batch of these cards has been distributed as promo rewards, they will be obtainable in the game without spending additional money later on!

If you haven't heard about eXode yet, you'll find a lot of articles about all aspects of the game in my blog. Espacially The Comprehensive Guide to all EXODE Alpha Edition Origins is a good place to start if you are new to the game. In short words, eXode is a decision making game powered by the Hive blockchain. It's made up of a fast paced Evacuation and more laid back Colonization stage. The game is strongly focused on tradable cards that can enhance your playthrough in many ways. But let's get back to the factions, today I will be talking about the Suntek:

Suntek Collector

Suntek is short for Sun Technology and it's the name given to these people by 2325s human society. In 22nd century, the Suntek's ancestors were mere colonists. Their colonial ship - The Colombus - crashed on a remote planet plagued by heavy radiaton. Without any means for communication or any hope to ever repair their ship, they had to try and adapt to the hostile planet they were stranded on.

Against all odds, they managed to do so for more than 200 years. They created their own society born out of need and the ever present radiation. After all the protective substances they brought with were used up, they had to find other ways to hold on.

To protect themselves from the worst Radiation, they established their colony mostly underground. But the colonists still needed food and water, so they had to find ways to care for their basic needs. Thus a caste system was born with each family taking care of a certain task. The role each caste had to fill was inherited from generation to generation. This helped each following generation to become better and better at their specific job.


Their offspring not only learned from the generations before them, but also developed better resistance to the radiation they were exposed to. Over time, the Suntek formed a highly specialized society with all members working together to ensure the survival of the colony.

But there's more to them. They discovered an energy source on their planet - similar to some kind of solar technology. While highly potent, they are are also the only ones who know how to use it without harm. Most Suntek technology is focused on taking advantage of that mysterious energy source.

Now that you know a little more about Suntek society, let's have a closer look at the Suntek Collector. The Collectors were one of the castes most exposed to radiation as it was their duty to move out of the underground shelters and collect everything necessary to sustain the colony. In the early years, they were the ones with the highest mortality. The ones that survived became stronger and more resilient than anybody else.

They also became extraordinary good at what they were doing: Collecting what's important for the colony. Because of that, they come with a very unique perk: Whenever they or their team collects resources, there is a 60% chance to gather an additional unit of that resource. Since the Suntek Collector is not a Veteran you could, in theory, bring more than one copy with you. This would allow for some crazy resource gathering, as each roll is made separate, so you could end up with +2 or even more extra resources.

Energy Sphere

The Suntek Collector comes with an additional card for your collection - the Suntek Energy Sphere. As you can see, this wondrous globe can both be used as research as well as construction material. It is radioactive and highly unstable, though.

If you want to make use of the Energy Sphere, you have to make sure to contain it safely. Store it in an underground facility and keep anybody not protected or not used to the radiation as far away from it as possible. Anybody handling the Suntek Sphere needs to be a highly trained professional, or you risk to trigger another apocalyptic event in your new home.


That's a theme you will find across everything related to the Suntek. Their unique technology offers unprecedented power to anybody that knows how to handle it. But make one mistake and your whole colony could be engulfed in flames. Everybody that has been with the game from the beginning can already claim their copy of the promotion card! Anybody that joined eXode at a later time will still be able to earn this cards in the game! I'll have more details on how that's going to work soon.

I really enjoy eXode and I think you might too. If you want to join the game, you need to get at least a single Origin (sold at 10$ each) from the shop. If you join using my referral link, you'll get another two free boosters (which are sold at 3$ each) and because I already have more than 10 referrals, you will also gain an random Epic character which could be worth 10$-20$, depending on the card you get.

That's all from me today, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. Thank you all for reading and see you next time!

Disclaimer: This article has been published on Hive as well using the #exodenews account. The article can be found here. The article is my original content and does not contain writing by anybody other than myself.


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