Time For FOMO? Rising Star Just Announced Supply Limits For Most Of Its Cards!

Time For FOMO? Rising Star Just Announced Supply Limits For Most Of Its Cards!

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 21 Oct 2020

It's been some weeks since I last did a dedicated article on Rising Star. Not because I stopped playing the game but simply because there were so many changes in short order that an article written today could be obsolete by tomorrow. Things have settled a bit now and what we have now is a game with a vastly improved economy that is a lot more interesting to play.

In preparation of Beta release on November 1st, Rising Star recently announced a supply limit for all its rare and epic cards. Today, I want to take a look at what that should mean for it's further economic development and give some (not financial advise) advise on what might be a good idea to do right now.


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I usually do a short introduction to the game in the beginning, but honestly, if you have never heard of the game before, you must be either living under a rock or be pretty new to the party. Either way, if you want to read up on Rising Star, you might want to take a look at this article I did some weeks ago. Not only will you learn about the game there, but you'll also find some advise on how to get your game going as a starter.

So, what's going on right now? In 10 days (or a little less, depending on when you read this), Rising Star is going to release into an official Beta. This will bring the release of many new cards that will be featured in the game's booster packs. Rising Star chose an interesting approach here, as most other CCGs usually have separate booster packs for several editions, each with their own loot table.

In Rising Star, there's only one booster pack that has a chance to contain any of the cards available. To keep things interesting, the game introduced a supply limit to all cards of rare or better quality. This had already been done for select cards, but with the new announcement, every card now comes with an individual print limit. Once that limit is reached, the corresponding card can no longer be found in a booster pack and instead can only be bought from other players.




Provided the game is successful long term (which I'm pretty convinced it will be), this should help to make these cards pretty scarce and thus rather valuable. Personally, I feel like this is a really clever and much needed move. With the amount of boosters opened during the last months, the market had been flooded a bit.

Looking around at the collection, I found that many cards are already rather close to their print limit. So while they won't go out of print immediately, they also won't be available in packs much longer either. With the introduction of all the new cards in November, the amount of packs opened is very likely going to increase drastically, making all cards close to their limit go out of print soon after.


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So what's likely going to happen once these cards go out of print? Short term - probably not much. But mid to long term, the cheaper copies will have all been bought from the market and the price of the remaining cards in circulation will go up. This has several implications for us as players:

If you are a collector that wants to own a copy of each card, it's a great time to look to the market to complete the missing pieces for cheap. If you need specific cards to improve your collection, it's probably best to buy them soon as well, as their price is likely going to increase rather soon. And finally, if you are an investor, now might be a great time to stock up on some NFTs to flip them for a profit later.

I feel like the collectors will be good on their own, so I want to focus a bit on what the latter two should probably do. No matter if you are a player or a trader, the question you want to ask yourself is "What cards are probably going to increase in value the most?". The simple answer to that is "The Legendary Ones!". As they are going to be the rarest by far, their value is bound to increase the most. The problem is, that's usually already priced in.




So unless you want to spend 500+ Hive on a single card, buying up legendary cards probably isn't the best option available. Instead, I'd advise to focus on cards that are a) close to going out of print and b) have better than average stats. Obviously, we don't know what future cards will look like and it's always possible that a card from a later edition will be better than the specific card you picked up but no matter what, you'll get higher return from cards that are both scarce and powerful than from cards that are scarce but not powerful or vice versa.

This is where you definitely should do your own research and compare current prices before making any decisions. To give you some ideas, here are some examples of cards that I expect to go up in value:


touring coach.png


The Touring Coach provides you with more fans than any other rare card in the game and it's not even close. Even the epic vehicles only provide about twice that much. I obviously don't know if there'll be a rare with even more fans some day, but for now this is the go to card for anybody looking to increase their fans, a must have!

Remember the Male Rapper from above? There is a female version as well and both have the same stats. What the Touring Coach is for fans, the Rappers are for skill. They provide a whopping +200 skill and again, that's much more than you'll get from any other rare card out there. Right now there are still some rappers as cheap as 3 Hive on the market and I expect that price to go up quite a bit rather soon.


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If you want to get an Epic, consider stocking up on the Grand Piano. Right now, we have 4 epic instruments in the game. The others provide 100, 125 and 150 luck each, making the piano the epic instrument with the highest luck modifier by far. Not only does it have the best stats for the slot, you also need an epic instrument to progress in zone 4, so there will always be demand for epic instruments.

To be very clear - buying any of these cards is taking a risk. If everybody stops playing tomorrow, you'll end up with some NFTs worth absolutely nothing. So before making any purchases, totally do your own research! That said, I'm pretty confident in the economy surrounding Rising Star and I'm pretty sure that the cards I listed above but most other cards as well won't be traded as cheap as they are right now ever again for the game's lifetime.

Personally, I'm looking really forward to the Beta and many years of Rising Star yet to come!

That's all from me today, thank you all for reading and commenting and see you next time!

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