The Play2Earn Report - Monday Edition

The Play2Earn Report - Monday Edition

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 30 Nov 2020

Last Friday, I was about to write how I had another successful week in the crypto world with several projects going really well and more and more things coming together. But alas, my ISP had different plans than myself and ever since early Friday afternoon I didn't have access to the internet any more. It took me more than 2 days and several very frustrating phone calls until it finally came back up Sunday evening.

So instead of a happy Play2Earn Report on Friday I'm now doing a somewhat disgruntled one on Monday that's going to be quite a bit shorter than what I usually do. Fun enough, a weekend without internet seems to leave you with a backlog worth of four days of catching up on everything. But enough of that, let's have a look at my week... or my last 10 days to be more precise.


Admittedly, looking at these numbers certainly has a calming effect on me. I've been buying LEO where ever I could and I certainly don't intend to stop where I'm now. I might be late to the party but I don't think I'm too late. I don't want to commit to any set goals, mostly because I'm not sure what will happen in the crypto world in the coming weeks (and we could see some crazy swings) but nevertheless, my goal is to get as close to 10,000 LEO at the end of the year as I can.

Hive and SPT have been growing pretty nicely as well, though. I managed to do an article almost every day for a while now and it shows in the earnings I get. I'm certainly still a small fish in regards to what I make per article, but I'm quite proud about my achievements nevertheless. I also changed Hive payout from 100% power up to a 50/50 split, so 50% of what I make on these articles is going towards other endeavors - mostly buying more LEO at the moment.

In regards to the games I play, this internetless weekend certainly helped to make up my mind about what games I want to continue to play and where I want to reduce my involvement. It's not that I don't think these games are interesting, but it simply turns out that I have too much on my plate for the time I can invest. So for now, Rabona and Rising Star are going to be reduced to minimal involvement. I didn't manage to move back up from league 3 in Rabona and Rising Star is having some issues with the Starbits value at the moment. That's not so say that I won't follow the games any more, but I'll stop writing about them for now and just keep watching from the sidelines.

Now let's have a look at the rest of the bunch!


While I was looking around for additional funds to buy LEO with, I realized how much I've actually been earning while playing Splinterlands. I mean I was fully aware that I was making several dollars, often times even more, most of these days. But then, DEC came in, I bought some cards here and there, and DEC moved out again. Since I feel quite comfortable with the cards I have right now, though, I haven't bought any more cards in a while. And so the DEC piled up until I decided to trade it for LEO. Turns out I had more than 500,000 DEC waiting for me, so I bought almost 500$ worth of LEO with DEC!

I feel like it might be a good time to keep converting DEC to crypto simply for the fact that DEC is pegged at 1000 DEC = 1$ and thus can't move up together with the rest of the coins. I'd assume that more people will come to this conclusion as well, though, so if DEC keeps losing in value, I might start to stockpile it again as I expect it to move back to it's peg once we get closer to the land release.




Anyway, I had some great tournaments again and managed to win the @dreamryder007 tournament by going 28-0 in my games. I certainly was lucky with the opponents I had to face but still, I'm pretty proud about that achievement. The tournament had 1,103 registered players, so coming up on top certainly feels great. I also finished in Champion I again this season and made another 15,000 DEC from season rewards alone. I certainly have a high stake in Splinterlands but the earnings have been excellent recently!


dCity has been going strong as well. I managed to stay in the top 400 and if nothing goes wrong, I should now be able to slowly climb the ladder on my own without spending anything from the outside. My primary target is to fund the dCity Splinterlands tournament without having to buy additional ENTRY tokens off the market. Because of that, I'll focus on getting more stadiums for now.




I'm quite happy with my current numbers and comparing my city with the ones with a similar population, I seem to be doing pretty good in terms of income as well. dCity is certainly the game I underestimated most when I first learned about it. But hindsight is the name of the game and dCity is certainly not the only opportunity I missed out on. Much like with Leofinance, I believe to be late but not too late. Like I was told on the dCity Discord when I joined it - I might be the newbie now, but if everything goes well I'm still an early adopter. Only time will tell, but until then, the earnings are certainly pretty nice already.


This is easily what annoyed me most about my ISP issues. eXode is having its very first Evacuation Challenge and I've pretty much missed out on it. The thing is, to play a whole Evacuation session, you need about 45-60 minutes of time. From setting up the ship, building the crew, and playing the actual evacuation, it requires a prolonged time of uninterrupted attention. Sadly, this is a commodity I only have access to at weekends and thus I was not able to take part in it yet.




Luckily, the deadline was extended and the contest is still ongoing, so I should be able to finally contribute to the evacuation efforts tonight. From what I can tell, the challenge seems to be a huge success with many captains participating and each doing their part.

The Discord certainly is abuzz with activity and reading up on everything took me more than an hour! If eXode can keep the momentum going it'll be a hot winter in space!


In my last Play2Earn Report I've been talking about how the market and the second beer really have been shaking things up. Since then, another new building has been added to the game, namely the water tower. This is the first building that you have to pay CBM for to use it. In turn, it will produce brewing water much faster, for less energy, and in higher quantities than what you would get from the pub's quests.




It's amazing to see how much rollie is adding to the game lately. Sadly, last week's Play2Earn report didn't make it to popular on Publish0x despite having 460 views and 16 upvotes. Since this is my main source of referrals, I only found 2 new referrals this week, bringing me to a total of 262 referrals for the game which is still a pretty amazing number.


And that's all from me for today. Please excuse the smaller report than what you might be used to. Hopefully my internet will remain stable again and if all goes well I'll be back with a regular report next Friday. Have a great week everybody!


Crypto and gaming enthusiast. Looking forward to true next gen crypto gaming in the very near future.

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