The Comprehensive Guide to Cryptobrewmaster

The Comprehensive Guide to Cryptobrewmaster

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 17 Sep 2020

When I did my recent article on Cryptobrewmaster, I had several comments with questions regarding the actual gameplay. Some even stated that they did not knew at all what to do in the game.

To help with that, I'd love to present you The Comprehensive Guide to Cryptobrewmaster. I'll go over all relevant screens in the current build, explain what can be done already and end with some general advise on the game.

Please keep in mind that the game is work in progress and still in a rather early version so things are bound to change and eventually things are going to break one way or the other. If you are having any difficulties not covered in the article, it's probably best to check with the developers over in Discord.

So let's get started!




This is what your screen will look like when you log into the game. As you can see, many of the buildings are still grayed out as they will be added later. There are two active ones though. The Brewhouse to the left and the Pub in the center of the screen.

Cryptobrewmaster is all about brewing beer and in order to do so, you'll have to interact with both buildings on a regular basis.

Let's have a look at the Brewhouse first.




As the name suggests, this is where you brew you beer. In order to do so, you need to click the recipe you want to do on the right side of the screen. For now there's only the European Lager but more should follow soon.


recipe design.png


Once you've chosen the recipe, you need to pick the corresponding ingredients. These come in 5 quality levels: Normal - Good - Outstanding - Epic - Masterpiece. Generally, you can mix and match all quality levels but the higher your average ingredient quality the better your chance to brew better beer.




Once you are happy with the ingredients you've picked, you click start and wait for the beer to finish. You could spend CBM (Cryptobrewmaster's token) to speed things up, but right now there's no need for that as you should have no issues using up all your ingredients.




Once your beer is finished, you click Claim to add it to your backpack and that's all you need to do in the Brewhouse right now. There's already an interface for upgrading at the left but that's not doing anything yet so you can simply ignore it for now.

To brew beer you need ingredients and to get ingredients you need to visit the pub.




Once there, you need to click the Bulletin Board in the top right corner and choose Dailyquests. Tasks will be added later so you can ignore them for the moment.




To start a quest, simply click start, wait for it to finish, and click claim. All quests take a certain amount of time and require some energy to do. There are free and premium quests. Free quests only need time and energy but only provide normal quality ingredients. Premium quests provide you with better quality ingredients but also cost some CBM to do.

If you are new to the game and don't have any CBM it's sufficient to only do the free quests. 5 days of questing should provide you with enough ingredients for 4 beers so you should be able to brew a beer almost daily.

Once you've finished a beer, you might want to sell it to the friendly barkeeper. To do so, just click the cash register and choose the beer you want to sell.




You are always paid in CBM but the amount you receive will depend on two factors: The quality of you beer and the amount of beer of that quality the pub already owns. Ideally, you want to sell your beer when the pub is running low and hold on to it when its stocks are full.

So how is the Pub going to run short on beer? Well, people will have to drink it!




To order one, you have to click the barkeeper and simply click Buy on the right. You'll automatically drink a beer of the best quality available. While drinking beer will cost some CBM it will also restore some of your energy - just like in real life, right? You should have no energy issues if you only do the free quests but will need beer if you want to do the premium ones as well.

Another way of getting ingredients is participating in events. To see the events currently running, simply click the Events Calendar on the table in front of the barkeeper.




There are usually several going on at the same time and you can simply click each one to see what you have to do to participate and what the prices are.

You now know everything you need in order to play and enjoy Cryptobrewmaster! To help you getting started here are some quick FAQs:

Do I need to invest anything to play?

Not at all, the game is completely free to play and there's no need to spend any money in order to advance.

Should I do the Premium Missions?

You don't have to but if you made some CBM, doing them won't hurt either. Right now the pub is usually fully stocked so your gains from better beer will be minimal. Personally I hold on to my better quality beer for now.

What should I do with my CBM?

If you want to, you can withdraw it to Hive-Engine once you have at least 1000 CBM. Right now that would equal 61 Hive, about 12$. Not bad for a completely free game.
Personally I would advise against doing that, though. In the near future we'll see a market, upgrades and many more options to spend CBM. Even if you still only want to sell your CBM, prices are very likely to go up once there are more uses for CBM added to Cryptobrewmaster!

And that's all that I have for you today. Personally, I have high hopes for Cryptobrewmaster and even if there's not too much to do right now, I think its potential is huge.

If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to leave me a comment. See you all next time!


Crypto and gaming enthusiast. Looking forward to true next gen crypto gaming in the very near future.

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