Cryptobrewmaster: Games As The Perfect Entry Point To The Blockchain World

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 16 Sep 2020

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Cryptobrewmaster lately. The game has been going strong with new features added to the game on a regular basis and a steady influx of new players.




While there have been many articles on the game itself, I want to talk about another aspect today. Personally, I firmly believe that blockchain gaming could serve as one of the primary factors for mainstream adaptation of blockchain technology. Incidentally, my first ever article on Publish0x focused on the question why blockchain games still fail to achieve mainstream adaptation.

One of the main factors I identified back then was that blockchain games required you to set up an account for their corresponding blockchain, install plugins like MetaMask, and register with your wallet. All that is creating a barrier of entry that few mainstream gamers are willing to deal with.

To us, signing in with our Keychain is completely natural but to people outside the blockchain world even understanding the difference between an Active and a Posting Key is a huge obstacle. In my opinion, registering for a blockchain game needs to be as easy as signing up for any other service on the web. Luckily, Cryptobrewmaster seems to agree with me on that!




While there are the obvious options of logging in with your Hive account, you can also sign up using your Google account. I'm sure some crypto purists won't like it but in my opinion that's the way to go. As long as you don't want to trade or cash out your tokens, there is no need to interact with the blockchain at all.

So obviously, after a while even players that signed up using Google will need a Hive account. The huge difference is - once that occurs, they will already be (emotionally) invested with the game and thus be a lot more willing to invest that extra effort.

Things seem to be going pretty well on that end, as Cryptobrewmaster just tweeted that they alreay brought more than hundred new faces to Hive!




This is a huge feat already but I really feel like this is only the beginning. The more the game grows the more players will hear of it and the more will want to try it out.

Ideally, this is something that every Hive game should try to do as it's not only helping to grow Hive as a whole but it also allows their individual game to grow much faster than it would without the option.

To provide some anecdotal evidence for that claim: I've been pushing both Cryptobrewmaster and Rising Star in my articles on a regular basis. While the latter has been active several months prior, I managed to find 148 referrals for Cryptobrewmaster compared to "only" 29 referrals for Rising Star.

It's not ending here, though. Looking at my Rising Star referrals, about half of them did not have a Hive account and registered to play the game. While that's cool, not a single one of them did interact with or any of the tribes.

So ultimately, bringing new users in through games can only be a first step. Both the games but also we as a community need to then reach out to these newcomers and get them to interact with more than "just" the game they are playing.




Cryptobrewmaster and Rising Star are already trying to do that with giveaways for doing posts about their game on Hive so I hope we'll see more and more activity in that regard.

Ultimately, games are only going to be one part of the puzzle for the success of Hive and blockchain in general but I'm convinced that they are going to play a prominent role in it!

That's all from me today, thank you all for reading and commenting!

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