Crypto Switzerland FAQ and strategies

Crypto Switzerland FAQ and strategies

By BlessPatrick | Crypto Switzerland | 1 Nov 2019

Hello everyone ! It's been a while since last article but as I told you, I was on holiday for a few days. I took two weeks off (more or less) actually. I had the opportunity to run on the beaches of Portugal and practice some surf there, it was awesome to clear the mind using sport !

In the last article (Future of Crypto Switzerland) I offered to answer all the questions you have in mind about Crypto Switzerland, the strategies, etcetera. So this article is mainly aimed to this purpose. I'll end up exposing the new direction of the society, so stay until the end or just go straight to point 3 of the plan if you don't want to spend time on the questions ūüėČ.¬†


1. FAQ

2. Crypto Switzerland strategies

3. A whole new organisation 

1. FAQ

a. How I chose the pairs I decide to trade

To chose a pair I begin looking why the market may love it or hate it. For example if you take BTC, people may love it because it is the one that brought to the light the existence of crypto currencies. In this position, people still love it because we all keep in mind the massive waves that created BTC billionaires, but also ruined people. This information is important to understand why people love it, but also how the will supposingly react. As it is expected by most of people to evolve in waves, investors are looking for those waves and in that sense will build even stronger ones. 


Now let's change example and chose BAT (Basic Attention Token). BAT has been brought to light by the Brave browser. It is linked to their politic of freedom and redistribution of wealth into the marketing process of societies. Instead of using viewers of a publicity to be the product and to be sold, they bring the viewers into the deal by offering him a possibility to earn money while accepting ads. The products is then the subject of the publicity and not people's data anymore. This, and the fact that they already convinced more than 8 million people worldwide to use their browser daily, gives it a strong reason to exist. It also may indicate a more strong and stable investment in the future as it is an investment for long term and into a society that we may trust. 


So basically, I chose some pairs for their opportunities to give high short time gains, and others more as long term investment into a society I trust and want to see survive the actual crypto storm (more than 3'500 projects recorded and so few actually still alive...). I also invest in token/fiat. This is more for practical reason as I live in a country that uses fiat for its payment process... But that doesn't mean I do not analyse crypto/crypto as I feel we may slowly come to a time where BTC will lose its position and not be the one leading the market to its moon or shadow.

b. When is the best time to look for a trend


Regarding to year time of investment, I would say it may have better period than others. But regarding long term moving, the only very large reference is BTC and so I wouldn't keep this statement true as we do not have enough comparison for now. What we can find is cycles like in any investment (stocks or forex). They all have their own cycles and the question I still don't have an answer is if they'll follow the Dow Jones theory. If you listen to it, we should arrive in the following weeks into the 3rd and last wave of the market that should end up with a global crisis and collapse. But it is impossible to say now if those cryptos will follow the wave or if they'll surf it as they have the possibility to create a new world of technological evolution.

Regarding shorter term, I totally recommend this article from CoinTelegraph as it totally gives excellent advices and may answer the question : Veteran Trader: Don’t Break These 11 Rules Trading Bitcoin and Crypto

c.  Investment budget


You'll hear the same everywhere : invest only what you can afford to lose ! Even though, I once heard someone (can't remember guy's name) giving a really simple advice : if you're not a professional trader living in front of its screens, don't invest more than 1% of your capital in volatile companies. This is true for stocks, but it is also for cryptos. And for the moment, cryptos are volatile ! Of course you may find some stable coins. But those are not chosen for investment as they're not supposed to evolve against the fiat you're living with. 

I am totally not the good exemple into this. Third of my portfolio is located into crypto. A half has recently moved to mining industry and the rest is into other stocks (by the way it also means I can share analysis on stock or precious metals if people are interested, just need to ask). It implies I have shorter stop losses each time I am travelling for example, as I don't want a big wave to wipe me out anytime. Those are my safeguards in case of mistakes in my analysis but they can also make me lose opportunities. For example, if I have a long flight, I will set closed stop losses not to be surprised when we land. But if the market only made an unexpected slight wave south before jumping then the SL broke and I'm out of the uptrend. 

But it's the choice I made : better be out than south...

d. Which crypto to start with

Well to start I would advice a real investment. Trading is complicated and you don't want to lose everything, even a small amount, only because you didn't studied correctly the market or anything else. For people wanting to begin, I'll go on a website like Plus500 (I am not giving any invitation link as I am not earning anything on this recommendation). Websites like this one give the possibility to create test account with fake money. It allows you to enter the market and test your understanding of it and your strategies without losing your savings. 


Then it's all up to the volatility you can accept. But never this sentence from Karen Péloille coming from her book "Le trading avec l'Ichimoku" :

"Money shouldn't be the goal, it should be the consequence" 

Karen Péloille

It means that you should not talk in term of Swiss francs or Dollars when you analyse your positions, but in terms of points or percentage. Because when you talk in fiat, you may have dollars shining in the eyes in a bull market and not get out soon enough because you don't want to take a smaller amount than the one you already saw. Or the other way around : you may get out of the market as quickly as possible because you're crying dollars but it was only retesting a strategy and the day after it bumps up to historical highs. 

2. Crypto Switzerland strategies

a. Assets

Mostly we invest middle and long terms. First we check BTC evolution as it is clearly leading this emerging world. But our thoughts about BTC are mostly negative. Let me explain : Bitcoin is the first of its generation and is very hungry on energy. Also, it is a blockchain that is only based upon valour exchange, and not linked to any technological advance appart its role as the window into this world. We invest in it as it gives huge opportunities for short term gains, but it is the only purpose. 

Then we have Ethereum blockchain. It is full of amazing projects that have a represent a real opportunity to invest, but also opportunity for technological innovation. For the second reason, we like it a lot. 

There is also the Ripple blockchain. This one is more interesting as a new part of the world banking system. Every month new banks enter the chain. It is interesting as it should bring more stability into it, but also we stay cautious on this one as this means more control by the established banking system the blockchain is supposed to be free of...


b. Market analysis

1. We use several EMAs (9, 27, 50, 100 and 200) on a long term graph to see what's the main direction of the asset


2. Ichimoku's analysis is used as the central indicator to define the most interesting time unit, and the limits we impose for entrance and exit. We first define the time unit giving an interesting long term trend. We then go to the time unit under to define the objectives we could reach, and finally we check the time unit still under to define entry and exit points. Example : analysis on the weekly chart shows a good beginning uptrend, so we check the daily graph to defines our objectives, and then we go into 4h to defines entry points, stop losses and take profits. 


3. Technical analysis is totally linked to Ichimoku as it helps define the strategies and the possible strategies. Example : in the last weeks ETH built a very nice triangle in 4h and a double bottom in daily (take a look at my Telegram channel for more graph views). 


c. Stocks & precious metals market

As crypto only represent a part of our portfolio, same strategies are applied there. If you're interested into those markets just let me know and I'll keep you updated on those also. 

3. A whole new organisation

During those last weeks we received several request from people not wanting to wait for new articles to have news. As those article and complete analysis take time to be achieved, it is hard to give a new article everyday on each asset. This is why we decided to rename the society telegram channel into Crypto Switzerland and we will give everyday free analysis of the assets you're interested in ūü•≥ ! Also, we created a group chat where you can directly interact with us¬†ūüéȬ†!

From now on, articles with full analysis will continue here and even you will get more than before as we will try to give at least one article per asset and per week (even more in case of special movements) ! 

The everyday analysis with our entry and exit points will now appear in the Crypto Switzerland channel and we will be happy to interact with you using our group chat !


We hope you like all those good news and will be happy to share and talk with you anytime !

Stay up-to-date on the free telegram channel in case of any emergency alert :

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