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ETH/USD - Ethereum new complete analysis - Immediate post-halving time

26 May 2020 5 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

Following my complete analysis on bitcoin that was published a day ago, here comes the complete analysis on ethereum. On the 11th of May 2020 occurred the bitcoin halving with diminishing of the BTC rentability for miners. As always and as long as tr...

BTC/USD - Bitcoin new complete analysis - Immediate post-halving time

25 May 2020 5 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

As the halving occurred a few days ago, it is now time to re-analyse the graphs and to try to fix some objectives. This analysis will somehow be the evolution of the previous one published 48h before the halving : ETH & BTC - Pre-halving update This...

ETH & BTC - Pre-halving update

9 May 2020 4 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

Those days, as we're approaching the long awaited halving, it looks like the market is in ebullition, ready to explode perhaps... Let's try to see what it is all about on the financial and technical point. Plan Bitcoin - BTC Ethereum - ETH Ethereum...

Gold miners - Watch list [May Update]

9 May 2020 3 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

So here comes the second of the series concerning the Watch list that will begin with a very short reminder of Gold actual movement. For more information about Gold itself I began my previous article about it. Plan Gold short update - XAU Tanzanian...

Gold miners - Favorites list [May Update]

6 May 2020 6 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

So here comes the May update of the Favorites list. It will begin with an update on gold itself before going to watch carefully the miners. For this letter I introduce a new little favorite : B2Gold Corp. number 6 in the gold miners list. At the end...

Gold miners - The ones you want to keep an eye on [April update]

7 Apr 2020 5 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

This article is the first of the series. The goal of this specific series is to observe mines that have true potential but still didn't arrive to their buy zone. From now on, I'll share an update of my Watch list every first week of the month. Those...

Gold miners - Favorites list [April Update]

7 Apr 2020 4 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

This article is an update of the one written on Wednesday 25th of March, Gold miners - Is the crisis over on their side ? From now on, I'll share an update of my Favorites list every first week of the month. Those articles will always contain the lis...

BTC/USD - Back into the buy zone

3 Apr 2020 2 minute read 1 comment BlessPatrick

Plan Monthly Weekly Daily Short term Conclusion Final word Monthly For the long term analysis, BTC is back into the buy zone again between EMAs 26 and 50 (or even 65). Which means the price could very well slip down to 5000$ and I wouldn't be sur...

ETH/USD - End of crisis correction ?

3 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

Plan Monthly Weekly Daily Short term Conclusion Final word Monthly After those last weeks movement it is time to rethink the market and try to anticipate what's coming.On the monthly basis, price is at the beginning of April retesting the trend l...

Gold miners - Is the crisis over on their side ?

25 Mar 2020 4 minute read 0 comments BlessPatrick

A few days ago I wrote an article about gold and crisis. It is now time to talk about the miners in such situation. Usually they climb much more than gold itself. As gold climb the enterprises producing it explode. Here I give my top gainers list and...


Is Bitcoin a the best option for a long term crypto investment?

1 Apr 2020 Savastano

03 April 2020
Your idea is interesting. But there's a point we should not forget is that this small Covid crisis intervenes in a position where all markets are overloaded in debt. Our system has been trying to overpass crisis with infinite money printing. This is not a Covid crisis. In fact, Covid was only the starter of a much more terrible one, the over-indebtedness crisis. World is printing money as never before, interest rates have been lowered to try to control it but it didn't succeed even before Covid exploded. It only damped the fall. Which means gold is becoming the place to be. My only doubts are whether crypto will act similarly or not. On my blog you should find this article that explains it further more : In my point of view, 120 $ is a very small protection of the assets. And also, I wouldn't buy paper/crypto gold. It is now time to enter physical gold.

ETH/USD - New bullrun possibly already began

20 Jan 2020 BlessPatrick

21 January 2020
Thanks for the support

Socioeconomically fragile countries may become cryptocurrency powers

11 Dec 2019 zulonga

12 December 2019
Very interesting stats ! Thanks for the share.

The long path of Ethereum towards the POS protocol starts this week, waiting for the Istanbul fork

3 Dec 2019 Roberto D.

09 December 2019
Will the whole chain change it’s name then or will we be able to purchase eth and eth Istanbul separately ?

The long path of Ethereum towards the POS protocol starts this week, waiting for the Istanbul fork

3 Dec 2019 Roberto D.

09 December 2019
If I understand it well, as it is only an update, ETH should stand as one and no two different cryptos as it did before with ETH and ETH classic. Am I right ?

BTC/USD - Complete review - November 2019

14 Nov 2019 BlessPatrick

20 November 2019
Updates of the article have come up into my channel with short publications. You may access them there :

Update on BTC, ETH and XRP

5 Nov 2019 BlessPatrick

07 November 2019
Well this one is hard to answer. If we check the historic moves in term of percentage, XRP may have the biggest possible move coming. But as it is somehow control to stay at a reasonable price to keep its financial benefits for institution, I am not sure it will move so much. BTC and ETH have made the same 250-260% positive percentage move together. But in term of cup and handle, BTC already invalidated his, but if we consider it a false break then it has somehow 120% till closure that could come for the end of year. On ETH's side, the cup is still third of the way up and if it confirms it then it should run up around 600%. But again, those are just chart move necessary to confirm any move but no price prediction. I don't like price prediction, even more in a market not so know as crypto currencies. I prefer to talk in term of chart figures validation. So if they validate their figures, those are the numbers that should appear. But I stay focused on those figures validation (or not) to define entry and exit points. I'll send a new complete update tomorrow with the end of the week. There you'll find more technical informations also with deeper analysis and charts.

Future of Crypto Switzerland

17 Oct 2019 BlessPatrick

24 October 2019
A new full article answering all the questions will arrive in the following days. In the mean time I continue my technical analysis sharing on my telegram channel :

CryptoMarket News: The Market Continues To Take A Pounding [New]

24 Oct 2019 E. K. Washington

24 October 2019
Maybe you would like to see my ideas into my telegram channel. I am in holiday for the moment and so I am not publishing new articles but some of your questions might find an answer into my technical analysis. Shots can be seen there : A new full article and continuation of my series will come as soon as I get back home in the following days.

Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin.

18 Oct 2019 zulonga

18 October 2019
As always it is a pleasure to read and learn through your articles ! Thanks !

Making A Difference: Charities You Should Know About

18 Oct 2019 E. K. Washington

18 October 2019
May God bless all the children and bring them to heaven as Man wasn't able to assume its job to educate and elevate them.


18 Oct 2019 cryptokavie

18 October 2019
I went to visit the website and wanted to evaluate the possibility to invest in it. Sadly when I tried to dig further the site crashed and it looks like we're not able to swim to deep inside it...

Making A Difference: Charities You Should Know About

18 Oct 2019 E. K. Washington

18 October 2019
You totally surprised me with this article. I was first thinking of fundamental analysis about project that own their own crypto, articles that would educate people on a good reason to invest in a token and not only the personal benefits of that investment. But actually this is far more better than expected ! I would also love to know more about such projects as they're not well know and they accept cryptos to correctly work worldwide. Thanks a lot for the sharing that gives tears in the eyes.

Pump n Dump: Killing the Cryptocurrency Market

17 Oct 2019 E. K. Washington

17 October 2019
Trying to answer your last statement and accordingly to that very sad article, maybe you may create a chain of articles with complete fundamental analysis upon cryptos. This would be an excellent way to educate people and help them chose an investment for what it stands for and not only for the benefits (of course we want benefits, but I guess intelligent people would like to know more why they're making some or why it fell).

Do crypto banks already exist?

12 Oct 2019 Mamaecrypto

14 October 2019
Hey there, I thought this article might be interesting to you :

Bitcoin price analysis - when i should buy?

5 Oct 2019 zulonga

09 October 2019
I am really sorry I'm a little late for my BTC analysis. I was moving out to a new place those days and it took me a lot of energy. I agree with you for the 100k but I don't see the million. I want to understand where people took those numbers. I'll make my update on BTC for the end of the week and I'll publish it here. In the mean time you can always contact me using my telegram if you have any questions or recommandations (I am always happy to learn new trips and tricks)

Bitcoin price analysis - when i should buy?

5 Oct 2019 zulonga

05 October 2019
You totally deserve a 100% tip ! I always read carefully your analysis as I consider them complete and very interesting. My idea is that if the price fall to 5'500 $, it may confirm the 5th point of the upward wedge and then begin a very powerful after a 6th and breached point on the top. I've published an analysis some time ago on a different platform before I was allowed on Publish0x (that terribly needs an update I must work on now !!!), maybe you'd like it :

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Crypto Youtubers Worth Watching

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You'll find a lot of "experts" in our world on all kinds of topics. Especially cryptocurrencies. You know that many are not worth listening to. In my experiences, I've watched and heard a lot of different Crypto Youtubers over the years. In order to...



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