Switching To Brave Browser And My Thoughts On It

By duckmast3r | crypto stuff | 27 Apr 2019

I was able to install the Brave Browser yesterday since I heard that they finally have the ads now. It's been a little less than a day and I have some cool results that I like. I didn't import correctly from my current browser so I have to manually move the sites that I go to from Chrome to the Brave Browser.

That essentially means that I haven't been using it that much because most of my tabs are on Chrome still. don't judge me, but I have about 40 tabs on Chrome and only 3 on the Brave Browser. Now I'm going to share some cool results as you can see in the screenshot. I have received 5 ads so far and have received 0.25 BAT, which I suppose is worth about $0.10. As I am typing this I received another ad and now I'm up to 0.30 BAT, worth about $0.12.

That doesn't seem like much, but that's just for me doing my normal browsing. So far I'm enjoying this browser and will keep you updated regarding earnings. I know there is a way to be a publisher and earn some more as well, but I haven't configured that for you Youtube channel yet. Overall I am pretty impressed with this browser.

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crypto stuff
crypto stuff

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