Quick Tip: How To Withdraw BAT From Mobile Brave Browser

The Objective

In the comments to my previous post I was asked how you can withdraw BAT from your mobile phone's Brave browser. (In case you haven't heard of Brave before, scroll down to the bottom.)

So here is the answer.

Verify the Wallet

First of all, you need to have at least 25 BAT on your mobile Brave browser. Once you have enough BAT, you can verify your wallet. That will connect the wallet of your phone's Brave browser to your Uphold wallet. You probably already have one from your computer's Brave browser. If not, you can create one in the process of verifying the wallet.

0. Open the Brave mobile browser. Make sure it is a fairly recent version of the app. The feature was introduced about 2 months ago. I used the latest update of the Android app for my screenshots. 
1. Tap on the triangle next to the browser's navigation bar.
2. Tap on "Verify Wallet".
3. You are led through the verification process. Basically, you create a new Uphold account or log into your existing one.
    If you don't have enough BAT, you will only receive a message that you need more BAT before you can verify the wallet.

How to Connect the Mobile Brave Browser to the Uphold wallet.
4. After you went through the verification process, confirm that "Wallet verified" appears when you tap on the triangle next to the browser's navigation bar.
    All your current and future BAT is automatically transferred to your Uphold wallet.
    All future earnings from Brave Rewards will also be sent to your Uphold account.
    That is how it should look.

That is how it should look if you successfully verified your Uphold wallte.
5. Make sure "Brave Rewards" is activated by following my previous tutorial

What Is Brave

Download the awesome Brave browser here for basically any platform you like. Brave is a super fast web browser that works especially well on slower devices. It is based on the open source version of the Google Chrome browser. That means all your favorite Chrome extensions work with Brave and you can import all your bookmarks, stored passwords and other settings from Chrome. Brave provides advanced ad blocking and privacy functionality. On top of that it features a tipping functionality and pays you BAT in case you agree to see privacy-respecting ads. It is the only browser that I use. 

Save Time And Bandwith With The Brave Browser.

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