Ok Guys, I've Had Enough -- Here Is How to Uninstall Microsoft's Edge Browser in Windows 10 -- Well Actually... Is It Impossible?

Ok Guys, I've Had Enough -- Here Is How to Uninstall Microsoft's Edge Browser in Windows 10 -- Well Actually... Is It Impossible?

Today I had to restart my laptop,

because Windows informed me that it had installed some "important" system updates. And after the restart, I was "greeted" -- well actually more molested than greeted -- by Microsoft Edge. Some people might be so lucky as to not know what that is. It is the successor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. And it looks pretty much like Chrome, because it is based on Chromium. -- You know what else is based on Chromium and actually respects and protects your privacy? And on top pays you crypto for using it? Brave is. My browser of choice. So let's uninstall Microsoft Edge. I thought... Let's write a blog article about it. How hard could it be?! I thought... Boy, oh boy, was I in for a wild ride...

Right after the computer started, Microsoft Edge took over and

there was no way to close it

without waiting for half a minute for it to "gather information" -- or possibly not do anything at all, pretending it is actually doing something. Microsoft Edge -- the browser whose predecessor I had never used -- presented me with a "Get Started" screen. That screen bullied me into configuring the browser that I will never use. I was so angry that I forgot to take screenshots... 

But in my efforts to try and uninstall Edge, I had to suffer through the misery again... This time taking screenshots. So, here you go:


I actually had to click "Get Started", because the setup screen would not let me close Edge. After clicking on "Get Started" it would have actually been possible to close Edge and move on with my life, but I did not realize that. Instead I went through the entire configuration process. Only after I clicked through the 4-step configuration as fast as I could, I was graciously allowed to close the browser. Thanks, Microsoft.  


I decided that I needed to uninstall Edge right away.

The thing is

I actually uninstalled the predecessor -- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 on that laptop. That was before that "Windows update" installed the new version!

The SSD in my laptop is really small -- only 64 GB -- so every MB counts! And I don't need Edge, I never use Microsoft's browsers anyway -- long live Brave, the best browser in the world that pays you crypto for using it! :)

So, let's uninstall Microsoft Edge -- and this time, let's tell the whole world how to do it on their machines as well. I thought... 

So here is how to uninstall...

I was in for a surprise. I made my screenshots on how to navigate to the pretty-well hidden place where you were able to uninstall Internet Explorer 11 and I couldn't believe my eyes. Internet Explorer 11 was deselected, because I had uninstalled it before. That was expected. But Microsoft Edge was nowhere to be found. 

So I checked in the next logical place, the app overview. And there it was. The uninstall just a few clicks away --maybe it is so easy that it is not even worth publishing the article that I had already typed up... But surprise! You cannot uninstall Edge from that menu.


Ok, now I knew, I definitely had to publish my article -- after digging some more to figure out how to actually uninstall Edge.

I actually spent a ridiculous amount of time following tutorials that did not work any more...  Such as this one.

I used method 1 to get rid off the most up-to-date version of Edge, but a previous version still remained uninstallable on my system. I tried method 2 as well. Still no luck... I searched for plenty of other tutorials, they all gave the same advice. Then I even tried to improvise. I ended up on StackExchange and tried a few things -- still no luck.

I give up.

Maybe the only way to uninstall Edge is a lawsuit by the EU...

The article may seem pretty pointless, because I was not able to deliver the nice tutorial I wanted to present to you. However, there is one take-away-message: Don't be like me. 

Don't bother trying to uninstall Microsoft Edge. It's a waste of time.

You can use Brave nevertheless. As long as Microsoft still graciously allows it...


If you know of a way to get rid off Edge, let me know in the comments...


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