Oh no! Even you, Tezos?!!!

Oh no! Even you, Tezos?!!!

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 10 Dec 2020

hello friends

I didn't want to write so early a new article, but I received tonight an email with some crypto news and one of them was referring to a new and limited better rewards for staking Tezos - available for the first 3000 users, through Thanos or Tezbox wallets. I was so thrilled that I shortened my visit and hurried to get ASAP home to reach my Ledger for catch a place to this action.


The APY for this offer, named "HyperBaking" was around 25%, only about 5 times bigger than almost any reward on normal baking/staking for Tezos. They said something anout using only the 3 wallets they mention, so, my Ledger or Magma weren't allowed.



But I said: "first, let's confirm the news and take a look at other sources: Tezos website, Cryptopanic and even Google! "

I started with Tezos website :


It seemed they didn't updated it. Maybe.

Then I tried on Cryptopanic, a news aggregator that I prefer:


I see news about Upgrading, Sylo, DealBoxinc and many more, but nothing about HyperBAking, Hmm, strange...

So I tried on Google:

I found a recent article from Reddit about Hyperbaking:


And yes, it is a SCAM operation!

Why I didn't observe it when I opened the email? Because they used a very very similar address with the Tezos website itself: tesoz.foundation instead of tezos.foundation.

It seems the email came from the ones who hacked the Ledger database , they are trying to refine the ways of scamming.

I am so sad that Tezos became a beacon used to catch the people from crypto because I always associated it with a more secure asset, but it is important to separate the coin and it's blockchain and the info that could be used for attracting people to steal their money.


Be VERY VERY CAREFUL when you receive offers and unexpected deals. Try to verify them with the risk of not catching it then losing your money.


In the meantime, Tezos has a new upgrade proposal - Edo, but I will let Allen Walters ( @qrcollector) to write about it. He is the master!

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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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