Elrond and Tailpath, or how can you be easily pointed on Worldmap
ERD World Tour Tailpath

Elrond and Tailpath, or how can you be easily pointed on Worldmap

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 4 May 2020

hello people

We are in the month of May and I must recognize the technology amazes me every day.

Now I will present you their newest toy of the (soon) wonderful smart contracts platform - Elrond: The Elrond World Tour, a nice tool to realize, as a business, where your followers are.


Look what they say:

🌍 The Elrond World Tour

We’re building a 🗺 of our supporters. It’s anonymous, private and fun. It also demonstrates how fast our blockchain is and how our integration with our TailPath supply chain partner works.

For every QR code scanned, the TailPath app sends a TX to the Elrond blockchain. It can be checked in the app’s “History” - if you click the ♾ symbol, the Elrond blockchain explorer opens and you can see the actual transaction. This is very useful for supply chains in general & fun for us to do now.

How it works:

1. Get TailPath App - iOS or Android

2. Go to https://tailpath.com/elrond.html

3. Scan the code using the app

4. Tweet this link https://tailpath.com/elrond.html with the #elrondworldtour hashtag and a personal message

Also, regarding privacy, they say:

Privacy: there is only one QR code, which can't be traced to you individually in any way. Scans place a location on the map in a 1 square km area, so your city or general area will be well represented while your location will be protected. 🔐

This project is growing day by day and make big steps to the open world. In the last two weeks they had an almost 100% price increase and the good news aren't stopping. Soon will be the mainnet.

If you didn't read my previous article about Elrond 32% yearly incomes - you can read it here: How to get a 32% p.a. revenue from staking Elrond (ERD)



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crypto sessions
crypto sessions

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