300 - hard times, but happy moments

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 26 May 2021

I got this magic number of 300 followers!

I couldn't imagine at the start of my journey in Publish0x to get this audience!

Of course, maybe for many of you, this is not a big number, but for me, as a writer by pleasure of sharing, it is.


I am happy and honored to be read by you, so, I, humble, wanna thank you for your attention.


I started to read Publish0x because I was looking for materials regarding crypto and suddenly I realized that many of them are coming from a single website. That's why I studied more and I become addictive. Next step was to share in turn my knowledge and what info got into my yard. This was the moment when I got enrolled as a writer.

At that moment, I shared some articles about two projects that I'm proud of sharing with you:

- Elrond

- Restart Energy (MWAT)

The first one already confirmed a 200x in less than 9 months. The second is at 5-15X, depends when you bought it, but it still has a lot to announce in the next period, so this time will be MWAT year.


I also shared some picks of mine and I think, excepting Areon, which is becoming a big failure, any project was a winner for these times. Just look at Cardano, Synthetix, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Chainlink, Loopring, Maker DAO, etc

I hope everyone of you had in his portfolio at least a winner of the still present bull run, so we can go with confidence to the next step of crypto evolution.

of course, not everything is great in this world, so we had to meet scammers, hackers or other type of some bad-ers :(

look at this inside conversation with a ransomware attacker or this virus warning of how somebody could try to steal your crypto .

indeed, there are a lot of bad guys in this world and crypto couldn't get away from them.


Finally, the most important thing is to choose the right situation for your portfolio in such a manner to get more and more Bitcoin. If this implies to gamble with the altcoins, so be it! Remember - anything is a game, but the winner is the one who succeed to keep the rhythm all the way until the final round.

Try to combine these strategies and use it when is the best for you:


And last, at the part with my final words of thanks, I would like to meet you in nice occasions, maybe when everyone of us could tell nice stories about his meeting with crypto world. I hope everyone of us will become a king of their world.


Be careful and I wish you all the best! But don't forget: as long as you know more, as sure you will be a winner.


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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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crypto sessions

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