3 new reasons to be worried about

3 new reasons to be worried about

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 4 Jan 2021


beware of what I noticed today. It is important to verify the emails received to belong of the official corporation.

1. 2500 XLM Airdrop. Really?

I just received an email for an 2500 XLM airdrop if I will fill some info after clicking a link. DON'T DO THAT!


1. the email is from an unknown address: newsatomic@yahoo.com (you don't need another level of filtering. they didn't pass the first one)

2. anyway, if the email could be from the right sender - if you see the rest of the receivers in the CC fields, it means a huge lack of professionalism (run away from them)

3. if they are trying to get to your private keys (directly or after several stages) - again - run away

4. if there is a link in the email body and the address is not a verified one - DO NOT OPEN IT!


I am not sure if these scammers will use only this address for trying to allure people, so beware of the content of the email.

2. Polkainsure Finance - a bling bling for FOMO people about Polkadot blockchain

This new scam is in progress. They are now on Uniswap (pool launched yesterday) with the ticker PIS.

They claim of being audited by Peckshield, but this security audit company denied: https://twitter.com/peckshield/status/1344515238410870786


Also, the team is unknown:


On their website, they say the Private Sale tokens will be locked for 4 weeks :). Like it's 4 years  :))

3. TRY finance - another 100 000 tokens Max Supply - high risk of Rug Pull

Today was their first day on Uniswap. Guess what was discovered on their smart contract:


I couldn't even find them on coinmarketcap, coinpaprika or coingecko.

When you see messages like that you can wait and check more info and audits for this kind of projects before jumping in with your money.


1. Verify the sender of your received messages

2. Check the info claimed by others to be true - twitter, audit reports, telegram, etc

3. Wait some time even you could lose some potential gain. It is better than losing your money that you already have it.

Be careful!


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