Brave Team Announces Roadmap 2.0 Hoping To Introduce Its Own Wallet And DEX.

Brave Team Announces Roadmap 2.0 Hoping To Introduce Its Own Wallet And DEX.

By Godsplan | Crypto school | 2 Mar 2021


Hi everyone,  l’m here today to share with the whole community the latest update from the brave browser team. In 2017, the browser revealed its first roadmap and the details it outlined as at then included paying its users in its native token (BAT) and linking an external wallet (Upload) for withdrawal purposes.


Just recently, the crypto currency oriented browser (brave) focused on privacy has just revealed its second roadmap with new details on the d. The brave team is taking steps to bridge the gap between its users and the crypto currency market especially the DeFi market and therefore having plans to launch its own wallet.


According to a blog post, the new brave wallet will feature a simpler user interface and will be supporting both mobile and desktop versions. The new wallet will also allow users to purchase a variety of different crypto currencies directly through payment options like fiat payments (that will include debit and credit cards) and other smartphone wallets. When the wallet is launched, BAT ( which is either earned from the browser or stored in the wallet) will be used for payment of the transaction fees when transacting within the wallet.


The team also made it known that even though it would not be compulsory for users to pay transaction fees with BAT when using the wallet, but the other options for transaction fees will always be more costly than when a user is using the BAT for paying the fees. This statement l think will discourage people from paying transaction fees with any other crypto currency except BAT and therefore will serve as another use of their native token.


As part of the plans for the second roadmap, the brave team also announced plans of going into the booming DeFi market with the hope of launching a decentralized (which some people believe decentralization isn’t real) exchange alongside with the wallet l talked about in the beginning. The Brave is targeting its DEX to be supporting assets across multiple chains, including both layer-one and layer-two scaling solutions to mitigate the high fees associated with the etherum mainnet.


The brave team is also thinking of making multi-chain support on the decentralized exchange which will provide users a  near-limitless option of assets to swap. If this succeeds, it will be an improvement on the single chain decentralized exchanges that allow swaps of only tokens on the same protocol. In addition, the team is also planning to be rewarding liquidity providers on their decentralized exchange with BAT for funding the liquidity pool. Users will also receive discounts for paying transaction fees in BAT.


Even with all these steps l talked about above, the brave team is still discovering more ways to expand the utility of BAT. The team is taking steps like building support for the BAT token in the context of e-commerce, VPNs, search engines and file sharing. The team once again said it will expand efforts to engage with community including hosting regular AMAs with its team members, launching the “BAT Ambassador program and translating the browser’s content into a wider array of languages.


My Personal Views About The Brave's Second Roadmap.


I think if we consider all the information on their official blog and the one l just talked about, the utility of their native token (Basic Attention Token) known popularly as the BAT will surely increase if they are able to execute their plans stated on the roadmap. Even though some of us are late here in Publish0x and couldn’t earn some BAT, l think we can still get some since the token is still not too costly. I also know most of us have earned the BAT either on Publish0x here or by using the brave browser, for us l suggest we still HODL our BAT for the benefits this Roadmap 2.0 might give to BAT holders when it’s executed. Please, this is just my thought and I advise you do some more research before considering any word l said.


I will now use this opportunity again to conclude my article and again thank all my readers and all the members of Publish0x for supporting me to this far. I would also appreciate any advice from any member concerning my piece l just wrote so that l improve upon my writing on the next articles.


Thank you all for reading my piece and remember to stay safe in this era of the pandemic…

Have a nice day!!!



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