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By msimyunn | crypto saving | 10 Oct 2019


Philippines has been dubbed as the social media capital of the world. New study shows that the average time per day spent by Filipinos using social media particularly Facebook is 4:12 Hours. This behavior can be explained that Filipinos love to communicate and are also quick to adopt communication technologies.  Yet, when it comes to financial management and its related aspect Filipinos are reluctant to adopt.  This behavior may be explained that the educational system particularly elementary and secondary does not tackle much on financial management.

Nowadays, average Filipinos are not aware of bitcoin and how it exist, why its important in the future, and how to acquire some. Although, little by little Filipinos are getting inducted with it, still the pace of adoption is way behind compare to other Asian country like Japan and South Korea.

This app is an online wallet, that could be a gateway for bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), bitcoin cash (BCH), and ripples (XRP). Other services provided on this app is bills payment, e-loading, games credit loading and more. This is simply quicker to buy cryptocurrency because in the app Peso can be readily converted (buy) to BTC, ETH, BCH or XRP. And can also be readily converted (sell) back to Peso.

Earning From Trading
Trading or margin trading in is simply buy and sell of cryptocurrency. So any person that is adept enough and also keen on the price movement of BTC, ETH, BCH and XRP can earn from margin trading.

Hodling or Saving
For those who like to hold their cryptocurrenies and save it for the future can also use this, although most experts will suggest to use paper wallet or hardware.






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crypto saving
crypto saving

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