Pumpopolians | Announcement & First steps


This is the beginning of a journey of creation. Creation of what? Some may say art, others may ditch it as dumbwork, I will call it a pulsion. A creative pulsion.

I do like pixelated art on canvas. That's a fact. 


I also do like blockchain-based projects. Games specially, since - as you may already infered - I do like gaming too mehehe..

If you had readed some of my past Pumpopoly's articles [1] [2] [3] already then you will recognise the following content, if not, well, go and take a look! It could possibly give you a sense of 'Number go up' ;)

Anyway. A few weeks ago I was playing Pumpopoly and felt like I must'd make some content about it, like why not spreading the word about this well-timed opportunity to own a (one)place even and helping developing the project. And I did it. You can read it here.

Concluding the article I felt that it was lacking one pixel art made on my own, so took a screen capture of a zoomed zone of the 74th Pumpopoly Place, displaying the streetview of the property lot; I opened Paint and drawed what you see below:

the first Pumpopolian

What are the Pumpopolians?

They are pixelated art creations.

Imagined the moment when I'd been just a step from going into the road. As each pixel dot was being filled, I felt like the fear of not doing something was dissipating off from me.

Since the game continues, and I want to continue creating too, I kept on adding entropy to the initial Pumpopolian and made this ones days later:

the 2th Pumpopolian

With the 2th I tested changing the clothes colors, it projects a more vivid mood, ¿don't you agree, chromatics experts?

the 3rd Pumpopolian

Again, changed the 3rd's cloth colors, drawed some lines on the pants and shirt to improve the contrast and object clearness and added a right-hand object, for instance, a key :key:, and.... added shoelaces.


With the 4th I went a some bits forward and on adition to changing the clothes and shoes colors, modified the base hair style displaying more volume and middle-long hair on the backhead. Btw, don't you like those Jameeca sneakers? :fire: :flag_jm:

the 5th Pumpopolian

On the 5th making I played with skin color, hair style, shoe design, border lines and accesories; this time adding some steampunky headglasses and created what I've started to address as the PumpoPass. An e-card that could bring some interesting game features If someone has the input code for it. Go an tell the City Council! 


Finally, I decided that I would make this short article you are now reading, and thought that the '74' number at top-right side limited the asset's design since the Pumpopolians are to poblate all the Places from the 0th to the farest (n)th possible.

Journey's format:

Knowledge increases in proportion to its use; that is, the more we teach the more we learn. - Author: H. P. Blavatsky.

Well said. As formatting helps making a path to achieve the things I would like the Pumpopolians journey to become, I will, beforehand, define & set up a format to easily organize and use Pumpopolians art sorted by Attributes.

Are you familiar with NFT attributes? Here's an example from Paras marketplace:

taken from a randomly choosed NFT on Paras marketplace

While on the journey I will be open to receive inputs from people around the world who likes what I'm doing (or not) and want it be better each time, so this is subject to adjustments from time to time:

  • skin_color
  • eyes
  • mouth
  • hair_style
  • upper_clothes
  • bottom_clothes
  • shoes
  • hand_object
  • headglasses
  • hat

That seems good by now.

Well, that's all for this Announcement!

Disclaimer: I am a random netizen who usually create content about whatever project I like or dislike. This one, for instance, is a project I do like. Still, I do not run Pumpopoly, I just play the game and promote it. So, be advised and remember to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) prior to any operation with crypto related topics, products and services. And don't forget to comment it with peers, friends and relatives :) 

One more for the bag, hoping that you liked the reading and the information is useful to you. Leave me a comment, subscribe to my blogs, drop a thumbs up and share it on your social networks. it helps, a lot.

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Here are some reference links of projects that may interest you:

  • Odysee is a platform for sharing uncensorable content.
  • RisingStar is a card game hosted on the Hive blockchain with a music career theme.
  • Splinterlands is a card battle game hosted on the Hive blockchain themed around magic and mythology.
  • Vita Inu (VINU) is a meme-token that runs on the Vite blockchain. No commissions, instant and has a puppy as a logo. cool!
  • VitaminCoin (VITC) is a crypto-token that runs on the Vite blockchain. No commissions, instant and incentivizing healthy activities. cool!
  • Presearch (PRE) is a search engine that aims to decentralize information on the internet and our relationship when accessing it.
  • Platzi is a leading platform for online education for the future (careers in English, Crypto, Business and more!)
  • Publish0x is this site where you are reading me. Sign up!
  • Pumpopoly is a real estate simulation game, hosted on the Near blockchain.
  • Brave Browser offers internet browsing without intrusive ads and tracker while rewarding users with Basic Attention Token ($BAT).
  • BitTube is a platform and plug-in similar to YouTube that allows you to generate $TUBE according to the time invested on certain websites.
  • Binance is perhaps the largest of the CEX worldwide. Pools large number of trading pairs.
  • Nanswap is a crypto swap service for Nano, Paw, Banano and +200 coins.
  • CryptoColombia is a learn&earn crypto community hosted on Discord.

That's all for the moment... Read you around! ;)

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