Road to real-estate cryptomogul in Pumpopoly!


It is time for another number of Decentralized Recommendations! This time is a sort of game strategy post.

If you already readed any of my previous articles [1] [2] then you probably know about Pumpopoly.

If not, I will give you a quick introduction:

What is Pumpopoly?


Pumpopoly is a virtual real estate simulator reminiscent of classic board games (think of Monopoly). Playable on all devices and featuring pixel art on an animated HTML5 canvas.

It is built on the NEAR blockchain protocol, so it is recommended to create an account (with its respective passphrase well kept) as the main-net game is live!

How to play?

Gameplay is simple. The players collect a salary from the treasury on every move (Drive & Claim). The players who park at player-owned land pay rent to the landlord (the one that own the land). Parking is free at all city-owned properties.

Currently, the game offers 5 types of unique properties. There are 256 pixel art variations for each property type, with 1024 variations each, which can be upgraded (Build function) to increase profits by inviting new players - which increases your credit score.

The assets are the property plots, like the property squares in the Monopoly. Each type of property has a rental multiplier, which increases progressively as you get to upgrade your properties thus increasing your real estate.

The Strategy

The basic move in Pumpopoly is the Drive & Claim (D&C) function.

Driving allows you to earn $PUMPOPOLY tokens (Claiming) from time to time. Once you do it, a cooldown starts doing tic-tac tic-tac.

That 'time' variable is on inversal proportion to the 'number of D&C per day' varible, the higher the time, the lower the number of D&C per day. This said, you probably want to know how to can drive and claim more frequently. Lets see...

First and most important, you need to improve your credit score. The cooldown time is determined by your in-game credit score.

Credit Score Cooldown Time Under 120 8 hours 120 or above 4 hours 480 or above 2 hours 1920 or above 1 hour 7680 or above 30 minutes

Second, building improvements and buying city property allows you to move immediately. This said, if you are thinking on buying >1 property on Pumpopoly you better go back to the road after buying the first one.

If you do not D&C after each improvement or property buy transaction, you would be wasting the unlocked function which can earn you $PUMPOPOLY.

And third, free moves are automatically performed when players pay you rent. These free moves do not count against your cooldown time. This said, you might be wanting to have more properties so there's a higher chance that other player will visit your place and pay you rent.

Once you have increased enough your credit score you will be able to build the top-notch of Pumpopoly's in-game assets: the Small Tower.

Small Tower NFT view taken from Paras test-net marketplace

Since every time you make a move, build, buy, sell, etc, you are signing a transaction into the NEAR protocol, you might want to have enough $NEAR for a long run.
1 $NEAR is way enough to cover those transaction and you can earn more by stakinh a few NEAR. So get enough into your bag before starting to seamlessly enjoy your crypto real estate journey.

If you want to learn more about this protocol and in the process earn your first $NEAR, you can join the Learn Near Club.

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That's all for the moment... Read you around! ;)

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