What exactly is ArtPro?

If you are an active member in crypto communities, you may have already come across the name ArtPro. If you are interested to know more about what it is and what it aims to do, you have landed at the right place.

When you think of blockchain and cryptocurrencies the first images that pop up in your head are related to banks, money, financial transactions etc. and that exactly is what majority of cryptocurrencies revolve around.

ArtPro is a unique platform which aims to serve as a global platform to bridge the gaps between art connoisseurs, art investors and artists. It is a highly niche territory as there are no existing players in this environment. The traditional art houses are still built on the centuries old concept of physical galleries where people come to view the paintings and purchase if they find something linked to their interests. This puts a severe limitation on people who are placed geographically far off from artists of their choice. Traveling long distances just to view art is not feasible and viable for the majority in today’s era of busy schedules. Another problem that plagues the art industry is fakes. Since the times of Picasso and Michelangelo there have been scammers who are looking to make a quick buck by making imitations of the famous artists. Some of these fakers are so good at imitating the artists that it’s impossible for a common to differentiate between a genuine and a replica.

Provenance has always been an expensive overhead to counter the issue of fakes. It refers to keeping a detailed trail of how many hands has the art been through to serve as a reference check to test if it’s authentic. ArtPro has come up an innovative way to solve this issue by leveraging blockchain technology. As this platform will link each piece of art to the blockchain it will inherently leave a incorruptible record every time it gets bought or sold. To resolve the issues linked to international transactions which involve different currencies it has introduced APT tokens which will make it possible to buy and sell the art at any currency you desire whether fiat or crypto.

Once this platform gets launched you will be able to use it browse the vast array of art aligned to your persona tastes and preference made by artists based all over the world. ArtPro has also introduced the concept of Augmented Reality which will give you a virtual tour which is key for many art lovers who want to feel how does the painting look placed on a real wall.

Traditionally art has not been a very liquid investment as you may not find a lot of ready buyers if you plan to sell it on urgent basis, but when ArtPro is active you will be able to choose from a global audience of potential buyers. This platform will address the needs to several customer categories including people who desire to have a piece created by a famous artist hang over their bedroom wall or those who want to use it an investment tool.

They are planning to launch their first exhibition around mid of 2020, so during the next months we will get to hear much more about for their plans are getting executed into reality.

Their CEO Oliver Hams will definitely play a pivotal role as this platform is his brainchild designed to fix the issues he encountered while working with collectible investments.

Image sources from their public website, with their permission to use - https://art-pro.io/

If you are still hungry to learn more about ArtPro, I would recommend going through whitepaper to understand more about their technology and token at https://www.art-pro.io/files/artPro_white_paper.pdf

However, I must warn you that it will be like going into a rabbit hole where you get more and more intrigued as you learn more.

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