Starknet: My First Airdrop of February!

If you are following my previous posts then you know I am on a mission to make $1 M starting from $0 by end of 2025 when I expect the next bull run to finish. One of the key components to fuel this plan is to get regular airdrops. January 2024 started well with several airdrops happening right from 1st January when $ZKF by zkFair was launched. 

Feb seemed very slow with nothing happening till 20th when $STRK from Starknet got open for claim. 


Starknet was a bit Anti-Climatic for me!


The first time I read about STRK being launched I was really excited as I had done several campaigns and quests through my Argent wallet last year. The moment I went to the eligibility checking link a horrific realisation occurred to me when I tried connecting my Argent wallet. I remembered that my Metamask got hacked towards end of last year and the scammers had infected my system with a malware so I had to get my whole system formatted. In the hurry I lost keys to some wallets. Argent was one of them. I was going to miss out on the airdrop which was expected to be one of the biggest this year.

I have been through worse situations and decided to move on but then I saw a link which said to check eligibility for active Ethereum users. I checked that and I was eligible for the minimum slot of 111 $STRK tokens. 

At the time of claim it was worth $320 and now when I am writing this post it has slumped to about $220 but free money is free money and getting something is better than getting nothing.

It is not a life changing amount by any stretch but it is going to contribute in a small way to my long term plan.



Important Lesson from the Starknet Airdrop!

Starknet airdrop taught me one important lesson that even if you think you have no chance for a particular airdrop even then you should always check your eligibility. You never know when you will be in for a good surprise even if it’s a small one. 


What will I do with my $STRK Tokens!

For the moment I am not going to do anything as I feel $STRK is going to go much higher than current $2 level in the coming weeks. Once it goes back to $4 - $5 level I will probably sell off half of it and hold the rest if in future it goes much higher and will also stake some part of it as that seems to be a good criteria to be prepared for future airdrops.

There are already some apps that have opened pools for staking $STRK but I will wait for a while to see which option will be a good long term bet before locking my tokens.

Another thing I plan to do is keep a small bit of the airdrop as vSTRK token which is same value as STRK and can be used for governance and voting.


The Most Hated Airdrop in Recent History!

Starknet also has been the most hated airdrop by the community in a long time Of course no project can make everyone happy and we have seen disgruntled communities before with SUI and SEI but Starknet managed to upset majority of its users. The biggest complaint has been that bulk of $STRK was given out to Devs and founders and the users got nothing as most of them got filtered out by the filter of maintaining a minimum ETH balance in their wallets.

This we should also take as a sign that going forward projects are going to put in more filters for airdrop eligibility. This is expected to some extent as the number of airdrop farmers keeps going up each month and people are using multiple wallets. If there are no filters in place then the airdrops will anyways become very diluted.

Fingers crossed for getting some big airdrops soon.




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