Starknet DeFI Spring: Earn some Extra $STRK!

If you are still holding onto some of the $STRK tokens received as airdrop during February this year then this post can be very useful to you.

Starknet has launched the DeFI Spring campaign to distribute 40 million $STRK amongst participating users.

The campaign looks very similar to the quests that were launched by SUI after their main net launch. What was remarkable about the campaign by SUI was that there airdrop was disappointing for majority of the users but the quests rewarded all participating users very well. I received over 150 SUI tokens through those quests and also became eligible for future airdrops from the apps running on SUI.

This campaign from Starkent I feel is a great opportunity in a similar manner to receive some extra $STRK tokens and also get eligibility for future airdrops from participating projects.


How can You Participate in Starkent DeFI Spring?

You can find all the details on their website on the following link -

As the name DeFI Spring suggests the projects part of the campaign include DEX apps, Money Market projects and Perpetual Lending protocols.

The main participating projects are:

  • DEX-  Ekubo, Haiko, JediSwap, mySwap
  • Money markets- zkLend, Nostra, Vesu
  • Perpetuals- Carmine, ZKX


The DEX and Money Markets are already live and you can use $STRK for swaps, creating LPs, Lending & Borrowing.

Perpetual options are expected to be functional in the coming weeks.


The best part about this campaign is that you will earn the normal APYs and interest for the tokens you will submit into the pool or LP and on top of that you will receive a part of the $STRK rewards.

The earlier you join the campaign the bigger rewards you will receive as the amount of $STRK to be rewarded is fixed so as the number of users go up and the amount of capital rises then the reward per user will go down.

Right now the number of users participating in the campaign is quite low so even with a small amount of capital you can get decent rewards.

The same had happened with the first few campaigns by SUI. The number of active participants was very low so all the participants got really nice $SUI rewards.


How Will the Rewards be Distributed?

Starknet has given part of the total 40 million $STRK token to distribute to their users. 

Each project will select which pools and LPs or other activities will be eligible to earn $STRK rewards. 

Every 2 weeks the $STRK rewards will be paid out to the participating users depending on their participation levels and activity count. This in my way is much better compared to the campaigns that run very long and give the rewards only at the end of the entire campaign. A payout every 2 weeks gives you a good idea about which projects are giving better rewards and you can rearrange your funds to put more capital in apps giving better rewards.

This campaign will run till 16th May so there is still couple of months to collect the rewards.

I saw that many projects are giving out $STRK rewards even if you create just ETH, USDC, USDT based pools. So even if you don’t hold any STRK tokens you can earn $STRK rewards. If you have any idle funds on the Starknet chain then you should definitely check out this campaign. 

Like always DYOR before joining any of the projects. As happens with any popular airdrop or rewards campaign a lot of scammers open fraud websites. So always go to the official Twitter and Discords to select the official links.

All the best!




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