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Splinterlands: Opening 30 Diamond Chests

I have been playing Splinterlands for a couple of years, I joined in right from the launch. Sometimes I play regularly sometimes not so regularly. I have not invested much of my money into the game and tried to grow as organically as possible. There have been exceptions like moving funds to buy the Land and the Runi but most of the cards I have collected through rewards or trading cards which I did not use.


For a long time I used to play silver and for last couple of months I have been playing Gold. I did try Diamond a few times but my summoners are at level 6 so they struggle against players who have maxed out cards.


Somehow I managed to reach 30 Diamond chests this time but it did take me much more efforts, time and thinking. At gold level I am at flow state and don’t need to think much.

I wanted to see what these diamond chests hold to decide if should go to Diamond level more often or stick to Gold which is like my comfort zone.


When I opened the end of season page I was excited to see what these 30 chests might hold but also a bit anxious as I have been reading a lot from fellow players about reduced rewards since the last few seasons. Very few cards being awarded.

Many people are not happy with Soulbount NFTs being rewarded but I personally like them as it can’t be bought. You need to earn them by fighting. Overall I would prefer balanced rewards between Soulbound and Regular NFTs so there is a part of Play2Earn flavour in the game.



Looking at the rewards I was happy to see a couple of Epics and one Legendary as last time I did not get any legendary in my Gold chests loot.

I was however a bit disappointed as I did not get any Gold foil cards.


What was a pleasant surprise was the Chaos pack I got which gave me 2 Epic cards.


Overall I am quite satisfied with the rewards and considering the 2 Epic Chaos cards I got I do feel a bit lucky.

I am still unsure if I would prefer to play again in Diamond or stick to Gold.

I will probably open 50-60 Gold chests in the future and see how it compares.

Do let me know in the comment sections what are your views about the current reward structure of Splinterlands.






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