Splinterlands: Battle Mage Secret- Healed Out!

My last post on Battle Mage secret with the Going the Distance ruleset came very late as my archers are nothing to write home about and as expected it took me quite a while to do the article as I had to wait for a decent fight.

This time however the ruleset of Healed Out is one I am familiar with so this post is coming pretty quickly. 


Battle Conditions!


The first battle that came with Healed Out ruleset also had two additional conditions - Lost Magic and Enrage. Fire, Water and Life element were allowed. Mana limit was just 17 so this meant I will have to pick some good levelled up low Mana monsters. This I only had in Water so I quickly decided to pick low mana warriors in water element.

Cruel Sethropod was the obvious choice for Tank as he was at level 8 with heavy armour to take a good beating. Lost Magic meant no-one was gonna bypass his armour. Next I placed Tide Biter who was also levelled up and had a good melee attack coming from second position. Pelacor Bandit at the back was gonna wipe out the flank of the enemy.


Sam’s Secret Sauce Strategy- In healed out ruleset my secret strategy is to use Merdhampir. He is levelled up so he has Life Leech and Cripple traits. This combination is very useful for taking out the tank in Healed out battles. Cripple attack will keep making the tank weaker. Life Leech is like a workaround for healing as it keeps increasing the health of Merdhampir and he can handle a lot of beating coming at back from enemy snipe attack.


Opponent Teams are Lined up!


Once the battle started and I saw my opponents team I noticed that he had a good collection with levelled up monsters. He also used the strategy of using multiple small mana warriors rather than using one big tank.

I did notice some weaknesses in his team though, his tank at the front was Blinding Reflector who was not a good pick in a fight where magic use was not allowed making his magic reflect ability useless. He also had Venari Crystalsmith whose healing trait was rendered useless in Healed Out match. He had Halfling Alchemist in his team which could pose a serious threat to my team. At the start the teams looked more or less evenly balanced.


Round 1 - Hard to pick a Winner


By the time Round 1 was close to getting over both the teams had taken a solid beating and our Tanks were soon going to fall. Rest of the team had taken minor beating. At this stage it was hard to decide if I will be able to win or not. 


Round 2 - Gaining a Clear Edge 


By the time Round 2 was about to get over I had a clear advantage over the enemy. This was due to two factors, firstly after our tanks fell my second in line Tide Biter had a lot of health and armour left but my opponents was Celestial Harpy barely had any health left. The other factor was that I had many melee monsters who could fight once they are in first position but my opponents only had archers left who are useless in first position.


Round 4 - Game Over


During Round 3 I got rid of most of the flank of my enemy and as soon as Round 4 started I cleared his last monster to gain a comfortable win with 4 of my monsters still standing.


If you liked my strategies and would like to see the entire game then you can see it here - https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_7e266c44a8a0f97fba4975ae535cdc39&ref=sambtc



If you have still not discovered the magical world of Splinterlands and would like to get started, then feel free to use my referral link- https://splinterlands.com?ref=sambtc





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