Read.Cash: Using AI to fight Spam!

Recently I had written a post about how Spam is the biggest threat to the crypto based social platforms. Publish0x does not see much of it has it does not give any incentive for commenting or upvotes received on comments. Uptrennd has been battling spam for a long time and seem to be slowly getting it under control as they have a big admin team who keep a close lookout for spammers. Read.Cash was somehow getting totally overwhelmed by spammers and it looked like it would not survive much longer.


What was the Problem faced by Read.Cash?

Read.Cash is a relatively new platform and since the moment it was launched it was totally overrun by spammers getting attracted by the free BCH tokens being rewarded. At one point the scene was so bad that the spammers were openly gaming the system. They had created groups and would keep making “good morning”, “nice flower”, beautiful sky” kind of post and then get 100s of comments saying how utterly amazing the flower was and how they had never seen such a flower before in their lives. The system was designed to reward by activity level so these guys made a killing. What was worse was that such brazen spamming was a big turn off for genuine content creators who were making serious efforts and creating quality content to see that their posts which took hours and days to create were not getting any visibility. 


What did Read.Cash do to Fight back?

It must have been obvious for the Read.Cash team that if this level of spamming continues they will soon be pulling down the shutters. To their credit they came up with a really innovative way to fight the spammers – “The Random Rewarder”

The Random Rewarder was a AI based robot they created which would analyze all the posts. It will check for plagiarism, weed out useless short posts like good morning, good bye, miss you, miss me etc, blacklist users playing the follow for follow and upvote for upvote games and give out tips proportional to it’s assessment of the quality level of the post.

At first I was very skeptical about the bot as it was hard to imagine a machine will have the capability to put an end to spamming. I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was from the first day. Earlier the rewards you earned on the platform was directly linked to how many followers you had. These spammers had built networks of more than 500-600 followers by using ‘you follow me, I follow you’ techniques and the moment they spewed garbage like “sunny morning2” they will get 500 upvotes and earn a sweet amount of BCH. This changed overnight. Now it did not matter if you had 500 or 1,000 cronies in your spamming gang you would not get a single cent in reward for spam. There were widespread protests that bot was not rewarding their “beautiful view” posts. Slowly they realized their game was up and I guess more than 90% of the spammers packed their bags and left to find other sites they can adorn with their garbage posts.

The beautiful part was now users with 0 followers could also get big rewards for making quality posts. This I see is now changing the momentum and inviting more quality content creators back to the platform.


Is the Robot 100% Perfect?

Absolutely Not! It is clear that the bot still has some glitches and it does make some errors once in a while by tipping garbage posts and missing quality posts but it is supposed to built using Deep-Learning so it should keep getting better with time. In my personal experience the site looks much more tidy and the huge amount was spam which was like an eyesore has drastically gone down.

I am enjoying the platform for now, till the spammers figure out a way to cheat the bot. *fingers crossed*

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