Get SUI Rewards: Bullshark Quests!

In this post I will be covering how you can earn SUI token rewards through the Bullshark quests that they will be running during the month of July.

I am going to assume you are already familiar with SUI project. I had written a post on SUI before their expected airdrop here -

It’s a different matter that they never really did an airdrop and just did a priority allocation of token purchase to their community. At the moment the SUI camp is split about how the project is progressing and there are many that are not happy with the fact they did not do a real airdrop.

In my opinion I am neutral on SUI at the moment neither bullish nor going to fade it completely. As always I will not let a chance to get free crypto slide by irrespective of the fact whether I like the project or not.

You can access the quests at the following link-



Who Can Participate in the SUI Quests?

Let’s first look at the quests details. The contests will run from July 6th to 27th so we have close to a month to participate. 

The eligibility criteria to participate in the quest is that you should have a Bullshark NFT which SUI had airdropped to all registered users in their community.

Keep in mind that they have already taken the NFT owners screenshot so if you purchase the Bullshark NFT from secondary market you will still not be able to participate.

The SUI team has however mentioned that they will be running future quests and people who buy Bullsharks now will be eligible for future quests. 


What Rewards will be given to Participants?


The top 10,000 players will get the big portion of SUI rewards with the top player getting 34,050 SUI and being in top 10K secures a minimum of 100 SUI. 

After the top 10K come the general rewards which assure a minimum of 25 SUI tokens to all participants. 


To be eligible for the minimum rewards you need to participate at least once in all the four games included in the quest.

It took me about 15 mins for me to register and play all four games once so I think to get a minimum prize of 25 SUI worth about $20 it is a no brainer. You will also get some additional NFTs while playing the games which may have future utilities so I definitely recommend playing the games.


How Can you Score Higher Points?

The more you play the games the more points you score and since the top 10 prizes are so big I can see that many people have already started grinding to compete for the top spot but I personally am not spending more than 5 minutes a day on the quests.

The following are the Games and points they give you:

  • Mount Sogol- This game can only be played once and it gives you 1,000 points once you complete it
  • Mini Miners- This game will give you 100 points every time you check-in. The check-in will be rewarded only once every hour so you can potentially score 2,400 points every day through this game. As you can imagine the game is facing server issues due to the high number of players trying to access it so prepared to face issues like game getting stuck or not loading. I plan to check-in at least once everyday and not more than 3 times a day.
  • Coin Flip- This is a pure gambling game of coin flip where you call Heads or Tails. If you win your bet is doubled if you lose your money is gone. I just did it once to complete my participation and I will not play it more. Each bet gives you 10 points so I don’t see the point in playing it too often.
  • SUI 8192- This is an interesting puzzle based game definitely worth trying once. If it’s your kind of a game you might get addicted to it.


If you are aware of any other contests or quests running with decent reward systems do let me know in the comments.





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