Brave- Making Silent Advances!!

Brave- Making Silent Advances!!

Rocky Start

When Brave launched it’s Ad Rewards model, I was not happy with the way they implemented it as there was no clarity how, where and when they were distributing the rewards. There was no clarity or transparency about how their award system worked.

I had written a detailed post about my grievances in a post available at this link -


Coincidental Return

After the disappointing experience when I tried it the first time, I stopped using Brave and went back to Chrome as I was anyways accustomed to use it since a long time.

Then a few weeks backs I had been watching a video related to expected outcomes from Bitcoin halving on youtube. As some context you should know that I was watching it on my 6 year old Mac. Suddenly a message popped that my system memory was running low and I should stop some of the applications open. I found it strange as I only had chrome open and there were no other applications running. I was wondering if it was time to get a new laptop then I suddenly realized that I also had Brave on my laptop which had promised to make my browsing experience much faster and smoother (It’s a different story that I had not believed then). I thought I have nothing to lose and I might as well give it a try.

I opened Brave and started watching the video which seemed to play well. I was relieved as it meant I will not have to consider buying a new laptop for now which would not have been a small feat considering the lockdown situation.


Pleasant Surprise

I had barely finished the video that I noticed a small message on top-right corner of my screen which looked like the screenshot below:


I was about to click on Close but I don’t know why I clicked on the message, it opened up a new tab showing some discount offer on buying a new laptop (did they read my mind that I was thinking of buying a new laptop a few minutes ago!!)

It took me a while to realize what exactly had happened and then when I glanced at the Brave homepage I realized my Ad rewards balance had ticked by 0.1 BAT.

Yes, I had accidently clicked on my first Brave ad.


Getting Hooked

Over the coming days I slowly started using Brave for all my browsing use. It was uncomfortable initially as I am an incredibly lazy person and re-entering my passwords for Gmail, Netflix etc. also seems like a chore to me.

Brave never made any official release on how their rewards system works but what I have realized during my experience over the last 2 weeks is the following:

  • You get Ads linked to what your search preferences are. If you search for laptops you get Lenovo ads, Search for crypto trading you get eToro ads, do online shopping you get Amazon ads and so on
  • The more you browse the more ads you get. I can’t use Brave on my work laptop due to a company policy so I use Brave more during the weekends and that’s why I get more ads over the weekend


Falling In Love

Day by day the more I use Brave, I start finding new appreciations for it. Some small things which have really impressed me are:

  • Browsing Speed has definitely improved for me. Pages load faster and I was used to heavy websites getting hanged every now and then on Chrome but that hasn’t happened yet on Brave
  • Youtube Playlists work. I have this habit of playing music on youtube in the background which I am searching something or writing an article. With Chrome it used to be a pain as now you get 2 ads per video which need to be skipped manually. In Brave youtube songs play continuously without any manual intervention needed to skip the ads. It’s a big boon for lazy people like me
  • BAT rewards bonus. Every now and then you will get ad alerts which will give you about 0.5 to 0.1 BAT per click. This I think is a sweet deal not only because of the crypto you earn but also the non-invasive way Brave positions the Ad. It doesn’t stop what you were doing like the youtube ads. It waits nicely on the corner so you can click it as and when you feel like.


So far I have used Brave mainly over the last 2-3 weekends and I already have 1.4 BAT accumulated in my wallet and about 2 BAT which will be transferred once the month ends.


Yeah, Yeah it’s not a fortune but for a few effortless clicks over the weekend it is a lot and I think with regular use and over time it will surely grow.



Have You Tried?

Let me know how has been your experience with Brave.

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