Delegated Hive, Leo, and Blurt to maximize investment

Even though last times I don't always have time to write blog posts, I consider myself an active crypto-blogger. There were times when I wrote every day, and maybe these times will return.

Each crypto-blog I consider also as a small investment. Yes, I try to be on as many platforms as I can, but many posts I publish only on the major ones. Anyway, it takes time just to copy and format your text and illustrations. Also, many platforms which use or have a particular cryptocurrency are my small investment "skin in the game" guides. For example thanks to Read.Cash I keep and use actively Bitcoin Cash. I also keep Hive and Blurt, I didn't withdraw them from "Power" for a long time.

But up to recently, I didn't delegate Hive. I don't know why probably so many other things are in my mind and only recently have I been thinking to build a crypto portfolio from scratch. Only now I'm getting back the crypto-investor mindset. Almost from 0, but I have some knowledge left and I have my crypto blogs.

So I delegated Hive 390 Hive to @ leo.voter and now I get not only Hive but LEO tokens every day (Leofinance token, Hive-based). I'm also using Leofinance for a while, not for all publications, but for those related to finance and cryptocurrencies. I remember the times when Leo token was more expensive than Hive. Now, this token is even not present on Coingecko to track, but I can trade it on LeoDex and I decided to keep new tokens that I get for publications on Leofinance and as new delegation income.

The amount of LEO tokens that I earned during a week I decided to stake and also delegate. The brief search pointed me to @ hodlcommunity and I decided to delegate to this account.

I also remembered that I have a big amount of Blurt power. 6808 BLURT which is now only around $30 but still why not delegate? So I delegated 6750 Blurt to account @ tomoyan which the fast search helped me to find.

Like all of my posts, this one is not about financial advice. But if you keep Hive, Leo or Blurt and you plan to HODL them in your Power (which means voting power and also in this case - investment power) - then it would be reasonable to delegate.

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Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Interested in Cardano, Algorand, Terra, BCH, Mina, Near, Hive, Steemit and many other interesting blockchains and projects

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