Charles Hoskinson - a suggestion to avoid hypocrisy and "Ukrainian crisis" term

In the latest, AMA which Charles Hoskinson recorded from Dubai, once again he disappointed me and my friends by mentioning "Ukrainian crisis" out of context.

While one may think that's not a big deal, some AMA, but I will explain why I have to write an article about this.

I don't know Charles personally, but I know many other people from Cardano ecosystem, who ask me - what's going on in Ukraine, and some ask - why Charles has this position, of not giving aid to Ukraine, of not calling war a war, but using fabricated "crisis" term which was used by some media. Other people from crypto industry but not from Cardano even write bad things about Charles Hoskinson, saying that he is "puppet of putin" and some really bad things which I won't repeat here. And this happens in times where many crypto-entrepreneurs and companies supported Ukraine with good words, financially, technologically...

But I was working and I am working in the Cardano ecosystem. I sold all my ADA, but not because Charles Hoskinson disappointed me with the lack of geopolitical understanding, but because now the expenses increased and I also used my funds to help those who have a much worse situation than me. I mentioned this as like Charles likes to say himself - he is not Cardano. Anyone can work in Cardano ecosystem, by working with other companies or in project Catalyst by submitting own proposal or by writing reviews on others.

So this time in AMA he said the following (at 52:42)

Ukrainian crisis - you have 2 million refugees in Poland. The vast majority of them are having hell of a time accessing anything that requires government record in Ukraine. So when you look at that stuff, you realize we need to get this done. We absolutely need to get to a point where Cardano has a capability to take 3 billion people who lack economic identity and give them basically so they can enjoy the same lifestyle I have. So there is morality behind the things we do. 

So for me - it is hypocrisy to mention morality while being unable to see the nature of this war. This is not a crisis, this is war and genocide. Just check what was going on in Mariupol. IOHK has some employees in Kharkiv, a city in the east of Ukraine. Ask them how Kharkiv was bombed, the central square was completely destroyed. You like math, so how many children and women should die that crisis becomes a war in your perception?

And you are wrong about Ukrainian refugees in Poland, they don't have a problem "that requires government record in Ukraine". In Ukraine we have Diya app (Дія) which works perfectly well and solves all these problems. Moreover, in connection with banks, it solves also the money distribution function. For example, people who are eligible for some financial compensation, entrepreneurs, employees, pensioners from regions affected hard by the war - could in a matter of seconds synch with a bank and apply for small monetary compensation which arrived during 10 days.

The refugees have many other problems: psychological, financial, and many others but the problem you mentioned doesn't matter at the moment. By the level of economic identity Ukrainians already enjoyed the same lifestyle as you, or maybe even better (as Monobank and Privatbank) are very technological banks. Even the war didn't take away this lifestyle. The war, the russian invaders took away the life itself. This is their lifestyle of geopolitics - the geopolitics of death.

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