Earning cryptos for free!? Is it still possible? Part 1: Learn & Earn never dies


Earning cryptos for free!? Is it still possible?

Part 1: Learn & Earn never dies


Yes, there is still possible in 2022 to get some cryptos without investing any money.


  • Registration needed
  • Watch videos/read articles and answer MCQ 
  • Be fast, most offers are limited to a certain number of participants

Learn and Earn: My favorite. 

How has it all started? If I am not wrong, it all started with Coinbase. But it is getting popular with other crypto exchanges like Binance, Cake Defi, CoinList, etc. The trend is on the high side. 

  1. Coinbase 

Probably the most well-known and familiar way to earn crypto is with Coinbase’s learn and earn program.

  • How: Watch videos or read stories
  • Pros: Very easy to get, privacy
  • Cons: Earn quantity is limited ($30). Currently, 6 tokens are open(FET, CLV, GRT, XLM, AMP, COMP). This might also vary depending on your location. 



PS: Besides that, you will get $10 in signup if you invest at least $100 in any crypto.

2. CoinMarketCap

 It will be hard to find someone who is familiar with cryptos, but not with CoinMarketCap. Not very long ago, they have started with their learn and earn program. 

  • How: Watch videos and answer multiple-choice questions related to the project. 
  • Pros: No bound how much you can earn. New projects are added occasionally.
  • Cons: The process is a little lengthier than Coinbase. You will not exactly know how much you will earn from a project. So it’s a little non-transparent in my opinion.



PS: You could collect rewards daily on CoinMarketCap which you could spend to get NFTs and other benefits. You could also join on airdrops.

3. Binance

Binance is well known and one of the top-tier Crypto Exchanges. It's very new on Binance. Their offers are currently very limited compared with other platforms. I hope they will be able to enhance their offers. 


PS: If you decide to trade on Binance, you could get a deduction on trading fees up to 20% here. 

4. Cake Defi

Cake Defi is very well known for its innovative high-yield crypto products. Currently, they have introduced their learn and earn program. Currently, they are offering $10 only for their new customers.


PS: If you register and deposit $50 of crypto on Cake Defi, you will get $30 in DFI just for free. 

5. CoinList

Well known for listing new tokens with high potential on their platforms. Besides that, you could trade and earn yield here. Their earn and learn program is just the beginning. Currently, only XTZ is available here. Their plan is to add new coins/tokens to their program. 


PS: If you want to invest on the Coinlist, you could get $10 in BTC by investing at least $100. 

6. Phemex 

A little more unique than the other counterparts. Here you will learn about cryptocurrency basics. Very good for beginners. Be aware that they provide you rewards for contract trading which you could spend for contract trading.

  • How: Watch videos and answer multiple-choice questions related to the project.
  • Pros: 
  • Cons: The rewards couldn’t be transferred immediately to your spot wallet. Only possible after a trade.


PS: If you are in trading contracts, you could get a 10% discount here. 


The catch by learn and earn is that the offers are limited and work most of the time first come, first served way or open to most active members. Nonetheless, it is doable. I will keep updating the list over time and have a look at the post for any updates. 


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