The Thing

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 13 Jun 2020

The thing you want to happen will happen soon.


Nobody knows what it is. You do. Don't tell them. Since it's happening. And happening big. It will make you richer than you could ever imagine. If you just don't tell them.


But what if you do tell them? It still could happen but not AS big. Still big though. But it's imperative that it stays a secret. What it is, you will discern in due time. Like 10 minutes or 15 minutes maybe. But it's happening.


So plan accordingly for it is happening. The thing. You know it's the thing that was supposed to happen but got put on hold but now is happening. And you will be right here witnessing it all. It will feel like a dream come true. But it's no dream. It's that thing in crypto, that has been a long time coming. That's what she said. Anyway.


Are you ready for the thing? We all know it's not far off. Have you prepared accordingly? Hopefully you have because time waits for no attractive, big breasted woman. Even a well endowed man with a six pack.....time doesn't wait for. Just it waits for that THING. You know exactly what it is. So tell your friends to tell their friends. The thing is happening soon.

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crypto owen
crypto owen

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