What My Crypto Journey Has Taught Me About THIS Kind Of Person

I’ve always been interested in Psychology, what makes people tick, why people think or do things in the way they do.

I genuinely believed for a long time that people who said that they ‘wished they’d bought Amazon (or some such share) when they were issued’ were telling the truth, I was wrong and here’s why.

A guy I follow on YT, The Economic Ninja often touches on the psychology of people around him and has shared many experiences of people ‘falling out with him’ for sharing his research on financial events that later became reality – previous housing crashes, stock market crashes etc. Research that could have saved these people a stack of dollars. 

I’ve had experiences of my own whereby I gently mentioned to someone that ‘x or y thing’ might be  worth checking out…not even a question asked or flicker of enthusiasm for new information…tumbleweeds and crickets!

Here’s the interesting thing…

A couple of those people that I’d gently shared a deeper analysis of a potentially financially beneficial situation had previously mused about ‘wishing they had known about this opportunity or that opportunity’.

As a disclaimer, I’m not making myself out to be a sure bet for financial information and I don’t evangelize about anything to the point where I wait for a ‘glazed look’ or could be considered ‘pushy’.

What I am saying is that if these people really were interested in their personal financial well-being then instead of a mental ‘drat’ when they’ve missed out on yet another boost to their finances or avoided their next financial drama they may want to change their psychology.

In short, if you can’t spare the time and brain power to think about it…it’s no mystery that you’re never going to attract it.

The Economic Ninja guy did mention about a friend who rang to thank him after the ninja had tipped him off some time ago that ‘he might, if he could afford it, want to invest his $1000 stimulus cheque in Theta Crypto’. The friend did just that, the Theta mooned to $8 dollars and he pocketed a cool $80K…profiting from an investment of someone else’s education on a subject given for FREE.

I myself raised a glass to a friend recently who, some time ago, was kind enough to answer some crypto-related questions I had (for free and in his precious time). I pocketed a very cool profit in XRP this week just for ‘listening’ to a nugget from my friends’ thousands of hours of research offered up in a friendly conversation.

The Point

Many people lie to themselves. The people that at least mildly investigate information that could healthily evolve their mindset or life position are a million times more likely to invest in that next big thing simply because they’re open to it and will LOOK at it.


The People That DONT Invest Time In Listening, Education And Ultimately In Themselves

They don’t really wish they’d ‘known’ about this or that opportunity.

They don’t value self-education in themselves or others.

They will not be looking at ways to invest or educate themselves in crypto or the applications of blockchain technology until they have to.

They are too scared to fail or be wrong and they will sadly in many cases resent or be jealous of the people who aren’t.

The crazy thing is that this new crypto-age is potentially set-up so that many of the jealous and resentful ‘late party arrivals’ (AKA those that chose not to listen when it was free or tap a keyboard out of curiosity) will possibly be pumping the investments of those that invested in themselves!


Invest time in your life and crypto journey to educate yourself and make time to listen to those that you know are doing the same. These are the people that care enough to share ideas and enthusiasm for the ideas of others.

Don’t waste a drop on plants that DON’T WANT to grow.

Have a great day friends!

Special thanks to The Economic Ninja a nice guy just sharing his thoughts on crypto and life and my friend Andy who’s currently traversing Mexico and to who I am grateful for taking the time to share his education with me. 


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