My Favorite Free Crypto Faucet And Why

There are a ton of faucets offering free crypto opportunities and I’ve tried out a fair few of them.

The ONLY ones I currently use have satisfied a pretty stringent criteria and fit in well with my day to day activities as I consider faucets a ‘good use of your spare-time’ thing.

There are a lot of faucets I’ve cast aside as jumping through hoops for a couple of satoshis on a poorly designed, unreliable platform gets in the way of a productive day when there are better options available.

My favorite out of the many poor-average faucets and the stand-out among the better faucets?


My reasoning behind this is that the ‘exponential’ aspect of the faucet offers decent increased rewards for the same daily effort. This is done in the form of levels and a few weeks of stacking can see some pretty fair bonuses compared to its competitors.

Don't lose sight of the fact that the small amounts of crypto being collected can increase a lot over a decent amount of time and could act as a good plan for a pension or long-term saving plan.

Top FireFaucet Tips

Use it every day to gain the bonuses on the many hundreds of upward levels (this is superior to many faucets that I have tried and a better use of your time in my opinion).

The next 2 tips sound more complicated than they are and a short use of FireFaucet will prove the value of these tips.

Don’t Use the ‘Start Auto Faucet’ to claim your Auto Claim Points ACP (stacked up task points) until the Saturday and Sunday ‘Happy Hours’ as you get 50% more for your claim at these times.

When claiming a lot of Auto Claim Points – I use the x4 setting and set my currency payments to BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) this speeds up the payments and gives dual payments. My initial first use saw me waiting ages until the process finished and losing out on crypto until I worked it out.

The yellow faucet button leads you to a faucet that refills every 30 minutes.

The pink PTC button refills at various points throughout the day.

The red Tasks button shows the rewards earned during the day for the tasks you complete and should be checked regularly throughout the day/

Don’t forget to claim the daily bonus during your day's activities (click on the red and yellow gift box) as I missed this completely first few days after signing up.


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