A Bit Of Powerful Motivation For Crypto Investors

As some are now finding out, the toughest part of investing is the doubt that can ensue when markets are bearish.

It’s a time where many chase around for signs of positivity and the opinion of others on where the market may go or when an upturn could possibly be expected.

The waiting game of a chosen investment’s financial and technological adoption is a complex one and many, especially small investors, are discouraged or fear the failure of losing part or all of their money with the constant barrage of downtrend signals and news.

I’m not going to offer you financial advice but I will give you the best advice I ever heard about investing from one of the world’s top investors, Warren Buffet.

Buffet has a long and successful record of investing in stocks which themselves have endured many up and down markets. This in itself gives the man huge credibility in not only his financial acumen but also in financial psychology.

Whenever I find myself veering even slightly towards mental negativity in a bear crypto market I simply note a quote from Buffet which has served me well and keeps me on course and sticking to my hodling future success plan.

The quote below refers to the stock market but the psychology can relate to any financial model such as crypto that gives you early adoption jitters.

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”

Be patient, there’s a reason you originally had faith in your investment and you might do well to note the quote from one of the world’s most accomplished investors and keep the faith.

Have a great day friends

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