5 Reasons Why CoinPayu Is A Great Free Crypto-Collecting Faucet

There are many free crypto collecting faucets and in my early days as a ‘satoshi stacker’ I tried a fair few of them. I ditched a fair few as I was looking for simple and effective faucets that paid out reliably in decent cryptocurrencies that I was happy to use and build into my daily habits.


I’ve stuck with Coinpayu as it has ticked all the boxes that many of the earlier faucets I tried and a few I’ve tried since simply haven’t been able to do.


Free faucets won’t make anyone rich BUT are, in my opinion, a good way to build a small income in cryptocurrencies which actually grow after you’ve collected them. A decent option for a pension top-up in more developed countries and a guaranteed income that may prove very valuable in less developed countries.


Here are 5 reasons why this faucet makes my list of go-to free crypto


  1. It Pays Out Reliably

I wouldn’t be giving a review of anything if it was a complete scam and didn’t reward its uses for their efforts. This may sound simplistic but I value both my time and my reader’s time and I ensure I’ve been paid out many times before I offer an opinion to others.


     2.It Pays Out In Decent Cryptocurrencies

I’m not a fan of converting x unknown tokens to y low value tokens and the faucet pays out in some great tangible currencies. The satoshis earned on the platform can be withdrawn in:

Bitcoin – Bitcoin Cash – Dash – Dogecoin – Ethereum – Faucetpay – Litecoin – Payeer (USD) -Tron

The minimum withdrawals are low and easily achievable.


    3.It’s Got A Simple And Sensible Design

On signing in, the interface is very simple. I only ever use the View Ads feature which upon clicking will show the dropdown menu – SURF ADSWINDOW ADS and VIDEO ADS which are refreshed every day and more are added at varying intervals. Simple to do!

There is a free faucet too that has been added the last few months that I use when I remember (the view ads is quicker, more lucrative and v easy)  or have a little more spare time.

There are a few other tasks to do on the site which can increase income but I tend to have a daily routine with my crypto-collecting habits and just do the simple stuff as I believe doing simple things consistently over a long term (every day) is the key to growth and it doesn't get to be overwhelming or a chore.


   4. The Site Notifications Are Sensible And Relevant - Decent User Experience

The notifications bell only ever relays important or relevant information which, to me, is the hallmark of a well operated site. It’s a well designed site and simple to use but the occasional on site notifications (the bell at the top of the page) are worth knowing about.

It’s a very established faucet and with good their customer service I can see why this is the case. I’ve had no problems at all with the site.


   5.Anyone In The World Can Join

The ability to earn a simple income and actually get paid is vital for a growing number of people and although this site won’t make anyone rich – it is simple, you do get paid and you can do it anywhere in the world.


I hope this post has been of value to you, if it has, please consider joining through my link as the tiny commission helps me to spare the time to bring my readers new content that may help them earn, learn and smile in the ever growing world of cryptocurrencies.

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Have A Great Day Friends


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