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Why Small Amounts Of Crypto Matter

Many people could be missing a trick by failing to capitalize on the many ways available to collect small amounts of various cryptocurrencies. Our own mental make-up could also see us overlook the real value if we’re not careful.


While being a reasonable scale crypto investor myself I also collect small amounts of crypto for free for the reasons below.

  1. Once Collected It Can Grow Exponentially

The tiny amounts of crypto available to collect on many platforms (such as this one) can literally grow while you sleep. You gain it, it potentially grows once gained and it continues to grow when stored in your wallet of choice.

That satoshi (or whatever unit) collected today can be worth a lot more if the value of the currency shoots up.

Stop measuring tiny amounts of crypto against the dollar etc. These currencies are either static or tipped to be subject to a large amount of inflation by many economists. This alone will increase the value of your collected tiny amounts against your local currency.

A very small amount  of satoshi’s etc. could be buying a coffee or loaf of bread in the future. Please don’t overlook this as you may wish you hadn’t.


  1. It’s Easy To Collect

There are reliable platforms (easy to do and actually pay out) where you only have to trade spare time to accumulate crypto for free on a regular basis, every day if you like.

Easiest methods include free crypto faucets that literally give away varying cryptocurrencies for completing simple click and collect tasks that don’t take a lot of time.

I use 3 a day and just complete the simplest tasks. I just see this as a daily habit and have collected and been paid out at all of them.

Trading spare-time is a no-brainer, everyone has it but the only reason some will acquire a free stash or bigger freely acquired stash is application – they will simply get side-tracked and potentially chasing the benefits that the people who focused may gain, sorry to be so honest but it’s true.

The 3 faucets I personally recommend and use are:





Downloading Brave browser is a simple way to collect free crypto too. Getting paid in crypto for something we already use is a great idea and I love the browser. It’s similar to Chrome but faster and more private.


Writing for small amounts of crypto requires a little more effort but if you have a hobby or interest (maybe crypto) then literally anyone can do it and get paid. People are interested in other people’s thoughts and ideas and the crypto-tipping community are a generous and encouraging bunch and a fast-growing one. A small subscriber base offered interesting or valuable content could be a large one in the future.

The platforms I use to write on that I know to be reliable (easy to use and pay out) are

PUBLISH0x Invite Link



I only recently joined but have been really pleased with it. Similar to PUBLISH0x in that subscribers are given free tips to give to writers, it's an interesting site with some great creators. You don't have to write lengthy posts to create a nice side income on any of the platforms I mention, just be as quirky, informative and interesting as you can about anything you find interesting yourself. Other posters are generally kind as they are doing the very same thing.  


  1. Future Options

I see collecting small amounts of crypto in the following ways:

A further potentially growing asset that acts as a hedge against future inflation.

Interest on my bought crypto that can also be swapped for other cryptos in future.

A top up to my pension or saving towards any goal I create.

Proof that I can stick to a plan to have the best future options available to my income level.

A way to keep me on my toes and motivated to learn about the free cryptocurrencies I have collected.

A method of income on top of my bought crypto that covers me even more if my fiat currency earnings dry up.

A worthwhile and profitable use of my spare-time.


I’m not an evangelist and only offer my thoughts and opinions on things I actually do and believe in. If I’ve inspired one person to maybe evaluate their thoughts on anything and it proves to be helpful in the future…I’m happy

Have a great day friends  

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