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5 Great Reasons To Love Bitcoin Cash

Increasing in use and becoming a popular trade and hold in the crypto space, here are 5 great reasons to love Bitcoin Cash


1. It’s Considered Undervalued

Despite enjoying spectacular growth over the last few months, Bitcoin Cash is considered undervalued by the site COINFAIRVALUE

The site uses many variables and it’s opinion that Bitcoin Cash is well under-valued may have those  who have have a holding of BCH smiling in the future. Certainly COINFAIRVALUE’S appraisal might.


2. It’s Listed On All The Top Exchanges

This may sound a bit simplistic but if you can’t buy it you can’t use it and mass adoption at so many top exchanges is a signal in itself that Bitcoin Cash should continue to attract a steady wave of investment due to its already mass availability.


3.It Empowers Poorer People

Bitcoin Cash has shown itself to be a currency of choice for many bankless people across the world. There are a ton of examples of people in less developed economies using BCH as their chosen currency to purchase commodities such as food to feed their families.

There are a fast-growing number of people in less developed or financially unstable countries finding their voice and earning Bitcoin Cash on platforms such as READ.CASH and NOISE.CASH and there are some emotionally powerful posts on those platforms from Bitcoin Cash advocates telling how BCH has been a lifeline for themselves and their families and friends.


4. It Has A Strong Use Case

Unlike Bitcoin which has struggled to become a mass-adopted Peer-to-Peer transaction tool, Bitcoin Cash is proving very useful indeed.

A huge proportion of purchasing transactions in the world are under $10 and Bitcoin Cash easily fulfills the criteria for consumers wanting to make those transactions.

It’s fast, it has low transaction fees and it is well placed to stay that way. It is very scalable and handles a lot of transactions per hour which in turn makes it less congested which should see transaction fees remaining flat.


5.‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Is A Massive Evangelist Of Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver, Aka Bitcoin Jesus is a huge fan of Bitcoin Cash.

Nicknamed due to his huge interest in Bitcoin, Ver has been a massive fan of Bitcoin Cash going as far as famously stating  that he believes ‘Bitcoin Cash will be much larger than bitcoin’

Ver believes that Bitcoin Cash, because of the Bitcoin hard fork’s superior technology and use case benefits is a real winner and stated in one interview: is partnering with more household names to bring bitcoin cash usage to actual commerce for real people and real businesses

Potentially larger than Bitcoin? Who knows? But a very powerful endorsement from an individual who has showed a very close and enduring interest in both cryptocurrencies.

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