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Do you think you'd like the Brave Browser?

By Crypto-Noo₿ | Crypto-Noo₿ | 4 Jun 2020

I'm back again!

I've been exploring the internet trying to find out more about the Coin App and the XYO token, and how to get those rewards into a wallet/exchange.  I'm still sorting through that, so I'll go into that more later.

Today's topic is the Brave Browser.  I switched over to using it about 2 weeks ago.  Prior to that, I've been a long-time Chrome user.  Honestly, I had nothing against Chrome.  As I have been doing cryptocurrency research, the Brave Browser kept popping up and getting mentions from other content creators.  So, I decided to look into it.  As is my tendency, I did a cursory look over the webpage and then decided that the only way to see if it was any good was to install it and try it.

The first test it needed to pass was: Does it work well as a browser?

Answer: Yes. 


It functions nearly identically to Chrome.  I installed it on my iPhone and my Dell laptop - and it functions well on both.  If there is one complaint I have is that it is not fully compatible with my installation of Windows 10.  I need to go into some options on the application and select for it to be opened in compatibility mode with Windows 8 or 7.  However, that is a fast and simple workaround - especially considering the benefits I get from using it as a browser.

The second test it needed to pas was: Does it really have the edge it says it has?

Answer: I think so. 


First, let me explain the part of my mind that says "yes": It is supposed to block ads, and allow you to toggle whether you see Brave Browser approved ads.  You can also adjust the frequency you are shown those ads, and they are supposed to be unobtrusive.  All of this is true.  The Brave browser exceeded my expectations in this regard.  The one complaint I have is that the pop-up notifications on the iPhone version take up quite a bit of screen real-estate, and are not quite as "unobtrusive" as I think they could be.  The other benefit is that you earn BAT for each ad you view.  I have earned about ~$3 in BAT in the two weeks I've been using it.  My first payout date is tomorrow, so I can't comment on how smooth the payout process is, but I'll let you know that soon.

Now for the part of me that thinks "no".  The default home page for the browser has a clock that records how much time you have "saved" by using the browser.  This time savings is supposed to come from the time the browser saves you from needed to load all the ads, trackers and other gobbledegook that is getting downloaded in the background of a traditional browser.  I'm sure the browser is blocking all of that, but I feel like the browser tends to run slower than my previous Chrome/Safari setups. 


So, that is my first foray into to Brave Browser.  There is more for me to explore still, like the Private Browsing mode and how well the Chrome add-ins I like function in the Brave Browser interface.  However, for the time being, I'm pleasantly surprised, and will continue to use it over my other browsers.

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Thanks for reading!


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