Technical Analysis Update BTC/ETH/SNX/XMR - Oct 5

Technical Analysis Update BTC/ETH/SNX/XMR - Oct 5

By LeaderIcarus | Crypto_Nomisma | 5 Oct 2020

Greetings everyone,

and welcome to an update of this technical analysis.


The sideways move continues, for Bitcoin, inside the triangle ABCD, with low volume - just $16 billion - trading currently at $10,640. Its market dominance is still around 57%, while Etherrum follows its own ABCD triangle, trading in between $320 to $360. As for SNX/BTC pair, my prediction has not yet had a safe result( the previous chart stopped at the yellow vertical line), even if the price follows my (possible) Elliot Waves, to the (possible) right-hand shoulder.

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Monero is one of my favorite coins, not because of its privacy feature, but because I can easily mine it with my computer (and let me advertise my guide here).

Monero is at one-fourth of its all-time high. breaking the crucial $100 crucial level. Now, seems bullish enough, but this support level will be retest again, in the near future, once more. If it holds, then we can expect a ride up to the next resistance level of $120. Of course, there is a trend (S/R2), which acts as a topic resistance level, but sooner or later, I think, that it will break, as it is not stronger than the $100 support level.


This is a small update, as there is no room for trading steps, but you have to follow up on the market movements. Have a great week!

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