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Blockstream Satellite and goTenna, which aim to unite their technologies, aim to simplify the Bitcoin sending process for people without Internet connection.


While the New York Blockchain Week was about to begin, good news came to the technology side of the crypto-money sector. One of them is the collaboration between Blockstream Satellite and goTenna technology initiative.

The two companies have combined technologies to facilitate the Bitcoin submission process for people without direct Internet connection.

Blockstream Satellite allows people to send and receive Bitcoins even if there is no internet connection.

goTenna is a startup that creates technologies that enable users to connect with others without an Internet connection. Like sending a message. The platform has created its own mesh network so that users can send messages to each other, but it needs to be close (1 mile).

goTenna has been conducting tests on offline transactions on the Bitcoin network since last year, but only at close range.


With Blockstream Satellite in cooperation with the GoTenna device on your Android phone, this wall is taking off and long distances also come with the ability to transfer Bitcoin offline. The company says that the partnership will take block chain data to users via satellite and enable them to perform Bitcoin transactions signed on the goTenna network without internet connection. All you need is goTenna Mesh device with Blockchain Satellite satellite receiver.

Richard Myers, goTenna decentralized applications engineer, says: fet Even if your local provider censors you or slows down your connection because of a natural disaster, you are not disconnecting from the network. In addition, Bitcoin provides a more personalized way of sending. New York probably doesn't need this technology, but you have other parts of the world.

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