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🔥 Blockchain-based domain names with Unstoppable Domains

16 hours ago 215 $0.05 (10.0256 BNTY)

A software company called Unstoppable Domains, which built an area on Blockchain, announced that it received $ 4 million in investment by Tim Draper, a leading Bitcoin (BTC) supporter, against the backdrop of the A Series under Draper Associates.Unst...

🔥 Large return from EOS to first investors: 6567%

2 days ago 215 $0.12 (21.5541 BNTY)

Block, the developer of EOS.one offered a buy-in for 10 percent of its shares. This will allow the company to generate returns of up to 6567 percent of its early investors. According to Bloomberg, crypto para EOS's developer company Block.early inves...


3 days ago 215 $0.12 (21.3749 BNTY)

Binance's mysterious 2.0 announcement brought a record to BNB After Binance's mysterious 2.0 sharing, the BNB rose to the highest level of all time against the USDT.At 15.00, the CRPA Stock Exchange Binance shared a visual statement on its official T...