Tron buy back announcement

By MBYZ | Crypto News and happenings | 25 Jun 2019

Today Tron foundation announced that they will buy back tron token from market, Huge bull can be accpected.


Buying back coins or tokens is a great way of supporting prices. Tron could do that.


Tron foundation announcement says that:


"As the TRON ecosystem continues to grow and prosper, we are seeing increasing attention of our users on the TRON buy-back plan and the TRX holding plan by TRON Foundation."


It further added that We hereby would like to make the following announcement:

1. In order to promote community activity and market stability, we will conduct by far the largest TRX buy-back plan with the widest coverage in the secondary market, which will last for a year and will be conducted in several batches with no less than $20 million.


2. The TRX holding of TRON Foundation will be unlocked on January 1, 2020. At this point, TRON Foundation has no specific plans for this unlocked amount of TRX. The Foundation will continue to increase our TRX holding in the secondary market to manifest our confidence in the development of the TRON ecosystem.


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Crypto News and happenings
Crypto News and happenings

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