Crypto-Crisis and Stellar (XLM) investments

Crypto-Crisis and Stellar (XLM) investments

By Steven_BA | Crypto-Newbie | 20 Sep 2020

I will be clear from the beginning. I am very skeptical about overnight enrichment due to cryptocurrency transactions. Although I have read hundreds of stories of people who have become rich, as long as it did not happen to me, I find it hard to believe.

I could say that my experience in the crypto-world really started with the first transaction. Seeing that the price of a Bitcoin fell below $10,000 in early September, and the fact that the entire market was in a significant decline for about 2 weeks, I decided to buy some cryptocurrencies. That's how I chose Stellar Lumens / XLM.

Thus, on September 7, 2020, I bought approximately 744 XLMs for 50 euros (actually for 48.01 euros, considering that the fee on Coinbase was 1.99 euros). Making a simple calculation, each XLM cost about 0.07 euros.


I set myself the goal of reaching a total of 1000 XLM and then to wait. It's hard to wait, especially for me (patience is not my strong suit), but considering that, at the moment, exploring the crypto-world is just a hobby for me, I have nothing to lose. The investment is small and I do not intend to invest heavily anyway. Small amounts, each month and I am sure that I will be rewarded accordingly, even if it will be in a few years.

As you can see, the price of XLM is very volatile, it increases, it decreases, there is no very precise pattern. It's funny to watch every morning how much an XLM costs.


Of course, I don't expect to get rich, honestly. It's nice that I have an extra subject to explore and the research in this field is quite interesting, dynamic, even exciting I could say.

I've seen this video and it's quite clear what Stellar Lumens are. I highly recommend it! Probably there are many other videos, but this really caught my eyes. 

Also, yesterday, I withdrew some Doge into my Stakecube account. 


I am using for almost two months and there have been no missed day where I forgot to click and earn my Doge. I even got a surprise one morning. After the usual roll, I earned 30.30 Doge. I present the proof right here:



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