5 Low Market Cap Coins You Should Be Looking At!

5 Low Market Cap Coins You Should Be Looking At!

By KeenanRIVALS | Crypto-Nation | 5 Feb 2020

1. Genesis Vision


Woah, woah, woah I know what you're saying "A list that starts with $GVT, I'm out of here", but before you go... hear me out! Ask yourself, why are you reading this post? Because you want to see my opinion right? But why? You don't know me, my background, my success when it comes to trading... yet you want to know my thoughts. You want to see if your coin has made my list, maybe you even want to copy my list. But how do you know that I'm anyone worth listening to... You don't and that's one of the things GVT is looking to solve.

This space is huge and it's rapid, unlike any other space! There's 24/7 trading, a constant flow of new tokens... people are going to get overwhelmed when they finally see that crypto is the real deal. And you know what they'll do? Well, some might read a blog post like this, but others might take their money and follow some of the top traders in this space.

Look, at some point, Bitcoin is going to hit $20K+ again and Etehreum will probably hit a new all-time high as well, people are going to want to know what's next. Think about how many trades you missed out on during 2017, imagine if Genesis Vision was a fully working product back then, you would have been all over it. I can follow the same trades as the guy who 100x's daily? Count me in!

That's the attitude I'm going to expect people to have and at a $4 Million dollar market cap with a USE CASE, it's certainly worth the risk! With only 4,426,883 you don't even have to make a huge investment. I tell people all the time if these projects do what they say they can do then it's only going to take a few coins to really make some money.

Let's say you put in $20, you timed the market right and you got each token for $1 a pop, well that may not be much now, but if the token hit it's all-time high ($38) you're looking at $760 and that's only putting the project at a $120M market cap. What if Genesis Vision takes on some clients of it's on, what if they started to manage money for big corporations, what if they landed contracts that were worth $100B? It sounds crazy and far-fetched, but it's possible. 

Oh and GVT just isn't a token that you HODL, feel free to actually use it and explore the platform. Maybe you can make a better trade simply by following someone trades. I'm shocked at how so many people in this space don't even use their tokens. If it has a use case... try it out!

Disclaimer: I currently do not own any $GVT, however, I am looking to potentially pick up the token in the near future.



2. Elastos


If you ask anyone what Elastos is, you'll leave the conversation... still not knowing what Elastos is. I'm putting that out here early, simply because I don't even want to waste my time trying to explain it in this blog post. Elastos is one of those projects that are larger than life, it would be like trying to explain what the internet is. There are so many avenues to it and only extremely intelligent people can grasp its actual use case.

I guess this is what makes the project so intriguing, but if you asked me I'd also say this is why the project is so cheap. It's early in its road map, people are seeing things being developed from the platform, but they aren't necessarily life-changing... At least not yet. If you haven't heard of Elastos then I highly suggest you DYOR (Do Your Own Research) as again, this project is supposed to be larger than life! For those of you who have heard of it, well, you know at one point it was larger than life. People would tell you how Elastos was the next big thing, it was the next $10,000 coin and now that coin can be had at $2 (and that's after a slight pump).

$2... TWO DOLLARS! This is one of those coins that I talked about earlier, you don't need to be a whale, if Elastos does what it says it wants to do then holding this coin would be the equivalent of holding 1 BTC in today's market. It's one of those moonshots that you kind of have to pick up. Even if it's $20 worth, that could be valued at $100 grand one day.

Now obviously if you repeat this to anybody they'll look at you crazy, Elastos doesn't have the same hype as it used to, but with its low circulation (35,862,069) and low dollar entry, I think it's worth picking up and holding on to.

Disclaimer: I have 1 Elastos that was gifted to me, I do plan on picking up more once I think the bottom is in... I may have already missed the bottom.


3. Switcheo (SWTH)


Over the last few weeks I've been buying up low-market cap coins left and right, you know what the most common complaint is amongst token supporters of these coins? Not enough exchanges! Everyone wants their coin on a big exchange as soon as they buy it. When Binance? We need more liquidity. I find it insane that everyone is buying these decentralized coins up left and right and then immediately complain that they aren't on a centralized exchange like Binance... The Hypocrisy is overwhelming!

I'm all in on DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) and Switcheo is by far my favorite. Since their inception, they've been the underdog and they've been killing it. They make me second guess all these other projects in this space, are they even trying? With a $2M dollar market cap, how are they even able to do this?

Over the last year, they've implemented both integration and atomic swaps with ETH, added EOS integration, provided a fiat gateway, partnered with Uniswap and Kyber and received an investment from Neo. And that's only half of what they have planned. Switcheo Chain is something their working on, they're also looking to add future blockchains to their DEX.. Icon? Waves? Whatever is next, they'll likely be adding it.

So what does their token do? Well, to be honest, it's a typical exchange token. If you hold it you get 50% off your fees and whenever you use the token to pay for fees Switcheo burns the token.

As of 1st January 2020,

5,928,317 tokens have been locked in the V3 contract,
4,376,165 tokens have been locked in the V2 contract,
646,749 tokens have been locked in the V1/1.5 contracts,
4,742,049 tokens have been burnt to the null address,

for a total of 15,693,280 SWTH tokens.

You can read more about Switcheo's Token Use Case Here

Might not seem like a big deal now, but as the platform grows and the token use grows we can expect a larger burn in the future, which shall drive up the demand for the token up. Again, this is nothing new, we've seen similar tokens such as BNB (Binance Coin) Kucoin Shares, and Huobi Token do similar things. The only difference between those tokens and Switcheo and these other exchange tokens is that they are in the top 100 on CMC (Coin Market Cap). If Switcheo made it to the bottom 100, their market cap would be around $40M, that's only half of the market cap of Kucoin Shares, yet that's still a huge jump from the $2M they're sitting at now. How big of a jump you ask? Well, if you were to invest $100 in Switcheo today it could be worth $1,600 with that projected $40M market cap! That's not even including the future token burns or the advancement in which they have planned for the platform. Not bad right?

DEXs are the future, we're in this for decentralization right? Why are we still using these exchanges that manipulate our coin prices? Why are we still using these platforms that only list tokens if the companies pay top dollar? If we want things to change then we have to support new platforms, Switcheo is that platform.

Not sure how to use a Dex... here's a quick breakdown of how simple it is to usw Switcheo (mind you, some updates have happened since then video has been posted, but for the most part it's pretty much the same).

Disclaimer: I have a small stake in Switcheo


4. Bethereum (BETHER)


How many of you have heard about Bethereum? Nobody... I understand. You can't even Google the coin, when you do it tries to correct you 
Did you mean: Ethereum?

NOPE! I meant Bethereum! This platform is game-changing to me and trust me, that's no pun-intended (you'll get the joke later). so what is Bethereum? Well, to be kind of honest, it's kind of hard to explain. It's a betting platform, but it's also more than that... Here I'll let the video explain it!

See, I'm a sucker for this type of stuff. I love projects that have real token use. Betehreum is providing a platform for users to place bets on, right now those bets are limited to sports and eSports, but in the future, you'll be able to bet on almost anything. And let's not skip past the sports/eSports focus, gambling right now is huge and in terms of blockchain companies, they are at the forefront of it. Bethereum is actively trying to get all the proper licensing to really get this thing going, I'm talking NBA, NFL, MLS, and it's such perfect timing as we're seeing the rules on these type of things become far-less strict.


Imagine being able to bet with people on who will the Super Bowl or even more exciting, who will win the Overwatch tournament! The project has so many things going for it and the price... It's less than a penny, like way less. Currently, Bethereum is sitting at $.0005 with a market cap of $269,000! That means for $100 you could get 200,000 tokens. For what they're doing, for what they have built... It's insane.

Want to read more about Bethereum? Check them out on Medium.

Disclaimer: I have a large stash in Bethereum... I mean it's $.0005.


5. Unibright (UBT)


DeFi... Enterprise Ethereum Alliance... Enough said? Ethereum is HOT right now! It may not show in price, but people are bullish on it. Chainlink, Maker, Kyber Network, 0x, any of these coins ring a bell? They better, as they are some of the top coins in the crypto market and they're all apart of the DeFi landscape. 

So where does Unibright come in? Well, it's looking to join that list of names above. Recently it was announced that Unibright was partnering with Chainlink (and Anyblock Analytics) and the EEA on Ethereum integration for enterprises. This was huge news, as this is going to help push Ethereum as the frontrunner when it comes to working with enterprises and when I say frontrunner, I mean frontrunner. Unibright has little to no competition in this space, now that doesn't mean it won't come, but they really have first movers advantage.

Crypto Twitter responded to this immediately, over the last week we've seen Unibright almost triple in price, jumping from $.05 to a $.14. Now I know, when a coin does a 3x or even a 2x in this market it's protocol to stay away, but Unibright is different. Even with the increase in price it still has a small market cap, less than $15M, this is pennies when you compare it to the other projects in this space. Chainlink is close to $1B, Kyber and 0x are both $50M+. Of course these projects over different solutions, but in the grand scheme of things, they're all looking to come together and solve the same problems.

So you might be asking yourself right now... What exactly is Unibright solving, well I'll let my favorite Crypto YouTuber break it down for you.

A the moment, Unibright is at a low $.10 per coin and many people think it has Chainlink potential. With a lower coin circulation (150M Max) this could put the coin at $6-7 if it wanted to match Chainlink's $1B market cap. Talk about huge gains, .10 to $7? That could be life-changing. Obviously, that's wishful thinking, but it if the market turns full bull you have to ask yourself... is it?

Unibright has a lot of things going for it, DeFi, EEA, they have a unique tokenomics that allows them to freeze their token and lower the supply. It has all the ingredients to be next big coin, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a Coinbase listing. If you have yet to research the project then I strongly suggest you do so, it's an early contender for the top coin of 2020.

Disclaimer: I own a small stake in Unibright.

This is not financial advice, these are simply coins that I'm interested in or have purchased previously. My opinions are based on my research and are simply my own opinions. Please DYOR.

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