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My Staycation, Day 3

Did you know the U.S. consumption of BBQ meat in the summer ranges about half of what American eat in a year, averaging 222 lbs of meat annually? Whether its beef, chicken, pork or lamb, Americans are carnivores exemplary. We pay for it in avoidable health problems down the road, but our diet is on par with a Tyrannosaurus Rex sometimes. BBQ'ing has long been a unique and clearly American institution, but the idea of grilling meat on an open fire goes way back into ancient times. The Greeks and Romans were famous for the scenes of grilling bulls and pigs on open spits over fires, and there are plenty of pre-history finds of burnt animal leftovers in caves from a simply but tasty fat-dripping chunk of meat cooked over fire by Neanderthals and much, much earlier. 

My Dinner

Photo Source: Me and my dinner tonight.

So, here's how my third day of vacation went:

  • Woke up at 9:30am this morning after lolling around from 9am but not wanting to open my eyes.
  • Gobbled down two breakfast burritos from the microwave with a diet coke.
  • Solved a problem remotely for someone at work, even though I'm on vacation. Thank God for digital remote office tools being in vogue.
  • Earned about $100 in writing.
  • Earned $4.50 in new crypto.
  • Gained over $100 on the market due to HODLing.
  • Tootled to the grocery store for some goodies and ice cream, hanging out in beach wear and flip-flops for that touristy but not traveling anywhere feel for the day.
  • Got some ribs and seasoned them for the BBQ tonight along with corn on the cob for a side.
  • Realized I somehow pulled a muscle in my shoulder or back. It sucks getting older.
  • And I plan to go to the wee hours relaxing with a cold beer and lime while doing absolutely nothing important playing Minecraft tonight. Go creepers!


BBQ ribs

Photo source: Glane23, Flicker/Wikipedia.

To go back to the start of this story and staycation experience, click here for Part 1:

More tomorrow, Cheers!


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