Staycation We Have Arrived

My Staycation, Day 1

I finally got a week off from work. So, this blog post will track everything I was generally able to accomplish in my time off that's been backed up waiting for me to get away from the rat race for a bit.

Day 1

  • Slept in until 11am (I swear good sleep is like liquid gold the older you get).
  • Replaced some window blinds in the family room with a new set, full installation.
  • Made about $750 writing.
  • Made about $2.50 in new crypto.
  • Lost about $200 in today's market drop, but I'm HODLing dammit! I swear!
  • Installed shelves in my home office as part of its renovation for permanent telecommuting.
  • Planned out the rest of the week for vacation.
  • Had a damn good full plate of salad with feta, tomatoes, salami pieces, green onions, spinach, and a bit of salt & pepper all drenched in Balsamic and cleaned up with a slice of sourdough.
  • Dropped a shelf on my bare foot. Obviously not working in a worker's comp approved format over here.
  • Submitted two assignments for a photo summer class.
  • Binged on Netflix's show, Jupiter's Legacy.
  • Cut my knuckle on a beer cap.
  • Ate more toast and jam for dinner.
  • Went to sleep around 1am, I think, maybe 2. Ah screw it, go for 3.


Definitely not the view from my backyard.

vacation photo

Ganeshpednekar, Wikipedia, 2020.


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A professional freelance writer for the last 20 years and a budding photographer by hobby.

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