Alien Worlds: You Were My First Love, But It's Over

Back when I was first fumbling my way into the Wax blockchain and trying to figure out my head from my foot, Alien Worlds was the very first play to earn game I got involved it. It was truly blockchain game earning 101, digging up my minuscule Trilium and then figuring out from there what to do with it. Alien Worlds was the catalyst that introduced me to Alcor Exchange. And from Alcor I learned about liquidity swaps as well as the cornucopia of other game tokens and which games were producing them. I learned market swings, limits, swaps and so much more all because of understanding what to do with my lowly Trilium once I had hacked out enough of it everyday.

It was slow at first. I had a basic moon pickaxe and nothing much else. Then I graduated to a simple drill. For weeks I would look on AtomicHub at all the fancy tools for more production, ranging from NanoMiners to clusters of Explosives and similar. There was even a BananoMiner, but I never understood what the appeal of that was. Never quite got close to buying the other tools either.

I did end up finding a nice affordable and efficient balance running a pair of power saws and a drill for my third tool. That gave me a simple 1 to 2 wax a day, depending. Or, if I stacked up Trilium, it would end up being more on good market days.

However, then came the great wipe that toasted my account. Intended to wipe out all the botting accounts, it also killed anyone using a third party tool just to make things easier than the hokey in-game interface. Bzztt! Suddenly, I went from making 1.4 Trilium a cycle to 0.00008; just enough to be insulting that an account was nerfed.

I ended up having to create a new account, move all my tools and get re-established. Fortunately, AW cleaned up the interface and at least made it more responsive. It helped that they provided the daily 25 guaranteed runs before the Wax network storms would hit and make it impossible to run a transaction more than every 45 minutes. Much of that seemed to die down in the last few months and I was fine with just a click every 10 or 20 minutes to cycle another dig for a while, easy to do while I sat at work writing memos or digging through spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, last week was the final straw. Some new change this mid-September created a network break and fouled up every transaction for hours. I really got to the point of asking myself how is it that a game that's been around this damn long can produce a far more stable interface platform?!? Of course, that was on top of the bigger question as to how the hell AW even keeps going when it doesn't sell anything per se, not even new NFTs?

So, on Friday, it happened. I was done.

I pulled out my tools, listed all my stuff on Atomic Hub, and liquidated my account and goods. My last 6.1 Trilium was exchanged for Wax, and I've moved on. My drill sold instantly, 42.5 Wax in the wallet as soon as it was listed. The power saws are taking a bit longer but they will go to, eventually.  After almost two years of trickling out Trilium, it's over.

Goodbye Alien Worlds.

Don't let the digital door hit you in the rear on the way out. I won't forget you, but I don't want you anymore either.




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