Just another CryptoScam in Twitter

Just another CryptoScam in Twitter

By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 16 Dec 2020

It hasn't been a long time since i published an article about my lesson of life after being scammed by a fake Binance DEX airdrop in telegram promoting a website binancedrop.us that was giving away free bitcoins if you had sent your funds to them through a shared BTC address. The link can be found here


Well, i was very surprised when i visited recently my twitter account and my profile had been added into a twitter list. That was a great surprise as I normally post tweets about giveaways and cryptonews and I was never expected that someone was interested so much in my tweets that he actually added my account in his list. 

However, when i visited the list, i realized that In fact, the addition was an invitation of a scammer to be intrigued by a scammed airdrop. I had just come across a similar to binancedrop.us scam, again faking a binance account , asking from its potential victims to send into a shared address their funds in order to receive rewards afterwards.

As everyone can see, the user has used illegally Binance's official logo and provides a shared btc address where its potential victims can send their funds from 0.003 to 5 BTC in order to receive back from 0.03 to 50 BTC. Even more, if they send 0.1 BTC or more, the return amount is doubled. What is surprising is that the Twitter List had already 969 members. On the event of being 1% successful that scammer only needs 1 victim that would send his funds to him hoping to get them double in return.




I believe that the best thing to do in these situations as a victim of a Binance impostor, is to create a tweet warning the crypto-community about this scam and create this article here in order to raise awareness of the situation. I was also surprised that while creating my tweet, i discovered a relevant twitter tag "SCAMDEMIC2020" invented due to the huge number of scams that have emerged recently, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic as people tend to spend more time online in the social media during the lockdown periods and scammers instead of trying to find a honest job, they keep trying stealing people's money. But only from the poor and hard working middle class workers. Never from the rich people.



Eventually, the owner of the list @JingWalavalkar and the list itself have disappeared but it won't be long until the next scammer arises on social media asking for your hard earned cryptocoins.

And if you google "scam twitter" you will find in the pictures thousands of fake tweets from fake accounts of high-profile individuals such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama etc promising that they will give back to the community if people will send their bitcoins in shared addressed in order to receive double back!


Ordinary people can easily get fooled from the easiness of earning cryptos through airdrops and they just obey the airdrop instructions without hesitation and clear mind. Stay Alert. Stay Safe. Use Airdrops through official accounts only. Always remember: If an airdrop sounds too good to be true, probably it isn't.




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